Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rubyy Blood Orange Energy

Jeff: What better gift to receive on Valentine's Day than... energy drinks? Well, of course, that's after love, but it's still pretty great when you get free energy drink samples in the mail. For this very special day, Chan and I have snagged some samples of Rubyy Blood Orange Energy, graciously sent to us from the company themselves. We'd like to thank them once again, and we hope you guys are happy with our review.

Chan: What's better to receive on a holiday than a shipment of energy drink? It may have been a bit of an early Valentine's Day gift to us, but be assured, we are reviewing it as a gift to all our kind guests on this magnificent mid-February day. Rubyy is much different than your average can of kick in a few ways. First, if you glance at the picture to your left, you'll notice it's tall and skinny, though it's only 12 ounces. Next, you see it's got a cap, and made of what seems to be thicker and tougher aluminum than a regular can. One last thing I want to note about the difference, and this certainly is the most important, is that the can seems to be designed real well. Unlike what you see on a usual energy drink can, you see black and gray shades with certain depths; feeling it, you find a nice texture with a rough paint-job, not finished with gloss. It's can design is a 'raw' black with what seems to be foreign designs of gray plants and mythical angels and dragons. Rubyy contains about 8% juice, so I know I'll expect at least a bit of natural flavors. Blood orange tastes more like a grapefuit than an orange, and with 29g of sugar, I know I'll expect moderate amounts of sourness, and equal parts of sweetness. All right! Let's continue this review.

Jeff: Rubyy comes in a very stylish package, a slim and sleek flat black 12 oz bottle. On the front of the bottle is a very fancy and elegant design of some cool vines and what looks like some blood oranges at the bottom. Bold on the front is the word "RUBYY" and the tagline "Blood Orange Energy" below. The whole thing gives off a very dignified and high-class vibe, and I really want to open it and taste it. Sometimes you wanna just tear something open and have at it. This is one of those times.

Without forgetting to shake gently first, I twist open the cap, which is nice for a change. What I smell is not an extremely potent orange but what I would describe as a more reserved cross between an orange and a grapefruit -- a blood orange. On the spectrum of complex to simple, this drink's flavor is definitely one of the more complex. To start off, you've got a whiff of delicate orange and subtle bitterness of grapefruit with some other less distinct flavors in the mix. I can imagine this as a nice citrusy perfume; it definitely has some nice strong, sharp notes of citrus without being too much. When I pour this out, I find Rubyy has a very nice color with a slightly cloudy ruby pink with hints of orange. Taking a swig, Rubyy isn't as sour or sweet as I expected, but rather has a real nice mellow flavor with a little grapefruit bitterness. Somewhere in the background lingers a nice round, sweet tangerine that gives the drink some fullness. I can hardly tell there's any carbonation except for some very small tingling, and the gumminess is nearly nonexistent. As for the sweetness level, it's satisfactory, but since I've gotten used to these highly sweet drinks recently, it doesn't quite do it for me. Anyhow, I've already finished the bottle, the drink is that good. Overall, I'd call Rubyy a solid and uniquely sophisticated drink that'd be great for mixing with it's complex, but light flavor. I'd take Rubyy anytime I just wanna chill out or share with a special someone.

Chan: Twisting open the sleek, black can I find a scent that reminds me of any other citrus energy drink, but with a bit more of a sour-pungent aroma similar to grapefruit. This might be too much of a signal of how lazy we are, but I believe this was a tedious job of twisting and twisting this cap to open it. Pulling a tab is much simpler and allows you to enjoy your energy drinks much sooner. Pouring it out of the cup, I'll note that it's the same color as grapefruit, not citrus. This color is fluorescent pink, with nice gas bubbles to add to the 'romantic' backdrop. Tasting it, I'm not too surprised to find a usual citrus flavor masked with high fructose corn syrup. One difference is that you find more of a grapefruit sense to it; as in, you find a more realistic sweetness with a certain sourness to balance it all out. I admire Rubyy's creativity in making a citrus energy drink because for one, they didn't label it just 'Citrus', which most companies end up doing. They make it their own form of citrus, in this case, Blood Orange, which is significantly different than any old orange.

When I take a close look at Rubyy, my eyes go straight to the ingredients list. I see that Rubyy contains: Carbonated Water, HFCS, Orange Juice Concentrate, Taurine, Blood Orange Juice Concentrate, Tangerine Juice Concentrate, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Caffeine, Maltodextrin, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate (To Protect Taste), Niacinimide, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Inositol, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Red 40, Diotin, Cyanocobalamin, Guarana Extract. Having Rubyy just before a trip to the mall, I have to say, I was pretty alert and energetic the entire day. Rubyy isn't a drink that'll get you pumped and send you on a crazy, short caffeine high, but rather a great drink to keep you lucid in your social interactions.

Taste: 8.3 - Tasty grapefruit/blood orange/tangerine with a nice complex flavor
Kick: 7.5 - Mellow, relaxed, yet alert and energetic boost
Overall: 8.2 - A very quality drink indeed; I'd go for one anytime

Reviewed by: Chan and Jeff


vanessa said...

i love love LOVE rubyy

i picked a few bottles up at pink dot (LA), mixed it up with some vodka, and made some really amazing drinks!! PLUS the bottle is SOOOO cool! it stays cold forever and the fact that it's resealable is genius!

Kate said...

i'm a huge rubyy fan!

drink it all the time. it's only $4, which is great. it tastes awesome, the bottle is unlike anything else out there, and it doesn't make me jittery like the others (but definitely boosts your energy!)

Canned Reviewer said...

Yeah, for sure. Rubyy has a dynamic flavor you can pretty much mix with anything. I love the can design the best though. Still have it shelved on my wall...



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