Monday, February 1, 2010

Rockstar Energy Cola

For the past few years, I've been looking for the Rockstar Cola, although had trouble locating it due to the fact that they discontinued making them. I'll admit, I was disappointed until very recently Rockstar released a new and improved Rockstar Cola, as if the old formula was never released. Anyways, I'm totally stoked to review the new Cola drink. On the market, it's difficult to find many Cola energy drinks, thinking only of...Red Bull Simply Cola, and maybe the Monster Assault, if you'd consider that cola. Therefore, I'm definitely intrigued to find out how the Rockstar Cola compares to the said above. Its can design catches the eye, being mostly black, from the bottom rim, all the way to the tab. The gold writing shimmers in the light, contrasting nicely to the pitch-black background. In most soft drinks, cola is comprised of vanilla, mustard seed, lime, kola nut, cacao, licorice, cinnamon, ginger, coca leaf, orange, corn mint, pine, cardamom, mace clove, etc. If combined with original Rockstar flavor, I'd expect a blast of mixed flavors, hopefully delicious.

Okay, so popping the tab, I immediately sense natural licorice, and a hell of a lot of sweet, 'limey-ness'; very little actual cola. You'd know very much what I'm talking about if you've tried Airborne, a dissovable tablet that allegedly helps support your immune system. Its taste is dynamic in its own way. It reminded me a lot more of Pepsi, which in this review, I'll relate it most to rather than Coca-Cola, though some can't even taste the difference. Its similar characteristics: redundant lime/citrus-cola sweetness and a subtle hint of bright, pure vanilla. Its different characteristics: bitter, bitter aftertaste that's noticeable almost directly after taking a drink, and no dullness brought on by the high fructose corn syrup in Pepsi. I'm starting to think Rockstar has the edge on cola, here, definitely all around better tasting than the Monster Assault, and the Red Bull Cola. I noticed Rockstar didn't add any of their original formula to the Cola; apologies to let you down if that's what you were hoping for when buying the product. It's very lightly carbonated, and goes down well, being sweetened with sucrose and glucose, therefore avoiding potential gumminess some drinks may have. As mentioned above, I wasn't a fan of the aftertaste, but if it doesn't bug you, hey, Rockstar Cola may very well be flawless. To sum up the taste, Rockstar nailed cola on the hammer. It really doesn't get much better than a refreshing, true cola drink.

Topping off the can, I go in to check out the ingredients. Actually, I think Rockstar put on the same ingredients list from all their other drinks, although the defining factor-of-flavor is the "natural flavors" ingredient listed as the sixth on the list. This natural flavoring makes up the flavor of Rockstar you buy. If you grab a regular, it's raspberry/apple flavoring. How about guava? Same deal, though they add guava flavoring. You get the point. The only exception I believe is the coffee line of Rockstars, and their borderline unpopular energy shots. Knowing that, check out these ingredients: carbonated water, taurine, sucrose, glucose, caramel color, natural flavors, caffeine, phosphoric acid, citric acid, L-Carnitine, inositol, milk thistle extract, niacinamide, Calcium pantothenate, ginkgo biloba, gaurana, ginseng, riboflavin, pyridoxine, Kola Nut extract, and cyanocobalamin. You don't see Kola Nut in every energy drink. Since it's at the bottom of the list, Rockstar sneaked just a hint of the trademark flavoring ingredient. Thanks to Wikipedia, I get a bit of a background on Kola Nut: it's got a bitter flavor, is a source of caffeine, and is even used to treat whooping cough, and asthma. It's got a double job in the Rockstar because not only does it give it the cola flavor, but it enhances your physical energy, elevates mood, increases sensitivity and suppresses the appetite, and like stated above, is a good source of caffeine. Additionally, it's toxic in large quantities, and can cause fever. Per can, you get about 260 calories, 66 grams of sugar, and an energy blend (Taurine, ginkgo, caffeine, ginseng, etc.) of about 2.7 grams. This includes 2000mg of taurine, and 160mg of caffeine. The ginkgo in the drink is known to improve focus, as well. Overall, a vast, dynamic collection of energy ingredients, and a great cola drink. Before you get your usual Coca-Cola or Pepsi, give one of these a try; you'll like it.

Taste: 9 - Different, yet bright and delicious citrus-cola
Kick: 8 - Usual Rockstar buzz, slightly improved from the Kola Nut...not by much though
Overall: 8.5 - Fantastic, refreshing drink; let's see how Monster responds

Reviewed by: Chan


Rick said...

best alternative for coke in a whiskey cola. great review.

Anonymous said...

To me it had a bit of a beer-ish after taste

noah said...

It tastes like Crap waste of money. Redbull is wear its at

Ireland said...

I found it to have very little taste at all. Definitely didn't have a very "cola" taste to it and whatever flavour it did have was very weak. I like the can though lol.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Instead of the horrid aftertaste most energy drinks have, this tastes good and ends clean.


Jeffery "Jeff," Chandler "Chan"