Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Full Throttle Blue Demon

Hey, I am here with yet again another review. This time, I purchased the Full Throttle Blue Demon. You may recall Brigham reviewing this awhile ago, but I feel that was in need of a more quality review. So I expect this to be a good drink. Surrounding it are two red outlined yellow flames. I also notice a metallic blue background that shines off the light streaming in my room. Lastly, I see the words Blue Agave Flavor, I'll find out what that means later. I know that this will be a good drink because I have heard many praise for it. So I'm getting ready to dive in...

As soon as I pop open the can, I get a sweet, tea like aroma, similar to the Rockstar Zero Carb. The color is an electric purple. That is a neat color, unlike anything I've seen before. However, there seems to be a large amount of carbonation. At first, I get a bold grape-like flavor with a slight taste of grass. That's from the blue agave, though. So, if you think you're drinking 'grass', think again, it's a type of cactus. The same cactus used to make Tequila. The aftertaste is similar to a blueberry, but is light and not very strong. If you've ever tried a Full Throttle, you might know that they pack a weak flavor in some of their products, but this, however is unlike others. I can tell you that is a light drink, but not light enough to chug, so take it easy on the sips. This drink is sweet, so, like me, you might get a stomach ache if you ingest too much at a time and will not be pleasant. Unlike what I have heard, this drink contains a large amount of gumminess, most likely due to the HFCS. Other than that, this drink is one tasty drink, and if you like a sweet, light taste to your energy drinks, I advise you to get this drink at a market, store, or wherever you buy drinks now.

Now the ingredients. First, I see carbonated water, and then, what do you know...HFCS. You can't hide from it, it's everywhere, but it's just a matter of how much you eat or drink of it. After that, you see...hmmm natural flavors, at number three? I guess that's how you know you're drinking a quality drink, right? Following that we see citric acid, sucrose and taurine. I haven't seen too many drinks that contain sucrose and HFCS, but that's okay. Taruine clocks in at number six, not too bad. Per can, you get 220 calories, about average for an energy drink, but I would refer around 170-200. You also get 57g of sugar, that's a lot, in my book. 50g is about average, which I am fine with, but I wouldn't drink more than 60g, that's just unhealthy. Oh, and by the way, the sucrose is part of the energy blend(caffeine, guarana, taurine, carnitine, ginseng, sucrose), which you get 3,000mg of. This was pretty good, not as good as I had predicted, but I would recommend it.

Taste: 8.5 - Unique, delicious, satisfying flavor, though it might be an acquire taste
Kick: 8 - I feel pretty jittery
Overall: 7.5 - Definitely a go-to drink

Reviewed by: Chan

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