Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kronik Low-Carb

I decided that it's been too long to have not reviewed Kronik's sibling, Kronik Low-Carb. After much thought, I knew it was time to review it, rather than a few other good ones I had in mind for today. I got this drink at Circle K, along with the regular Kronik; I'm sure you'll find a Kronik or two if you go to your local Circle K, they're everywhere. An energy drink sounds perfect today, just because I spent the first half of the day preparing for my upcoming trip, so let's describe this one briefly. The can design is fairly new being a section of blue barbed wire in front of a bright, gleaming silver background. 'Low-Carb' is stamped crooked onto the metallic can and spray painted black with abstract markings out and around it. I see the word 'Kronik in large sloppy letters and filled in blue, making it look pretty cool looking and rugged. I take a glance to the bottom right of the can where it says "Sweetened With Splenda"; whatever, at least they went out and said it is, unlike other companies that try to sneak it in their drinks. Just like most other sugar free energy drinks, this one may suppress my appetite, and it literally says that on the way bottom of the can. Okay, let's see how this compares to the Kronik as well as other sugar free drinks.

I crack open the can eager and extremely excited to smell a strong cotton candy aroma with an equal amount of grapefruit and pineapple. The color of this aromatic energy drink is a lively blue color, I'd say the same blue color they used on the can. At first, I'm a bit hesitant to take a sip because sugar free energy drinks seem to disappoint me, but this one is actually a whole lot better than I was expecting it to be. Unlike the scent, there's no cotton candy flavor to it at all, but a nice smooth grapefruit taste backed up by a bit of pineapple and possibly some lemon-lime flavor in the background. The flavor in general is great, tastes exactly like the original and the Splenda is masked incredibly. There's no artificial aftertaste whatsoever, one thing I noticed in this greatly masked sugar free energy drink. I'm sorry for this ramble but you know, If I was given a glass of Kronik and a glass of Kronik Low Carb, I'd think they gave me two of the same drink. The foamy head I witnessed earlier lied to me, insisting on a heavily carbonated drink, this one isn't heavily carbonated but lightly for pure enjoyment. I only found gumminess when I experimented by taking a few large sips at a time, but now after taking my time sipping it, I found no gumminess. You can choose how you drink it, but be aware of the gumminess following. Overall, this has to be one of the best sugar free energy drink I've ever tried, ranking up to number one with the Rockstar Zero Carb.

The ingredients is where it really gets interesting. It has carbonated water, taurine, citric acid, natural flavors, sodium citrate, glucosamine, caffeine, glucuronolactone, ascorbic acid, L-Tyrosine, ginger root extract, grape seed extract, licorice root extract, guarana, ginseng, milk thistle, ginkgo biloba, and Sucralose. Wow. I believe I did taste a bit of ginger root extract, it's minor but there's still just a bit in the background. The combination of grape seed, licorice root, milk thistle, and ginkgo biloba produces a real masterful energy drink, in terms of delivering some massive focus and energy. I also notice caffeine is pretty high up the list, I wonder how much is in one of these. Per can, you get 20 calories and only 2g of carbs (NO sugar, just carbohydrates). Energy content per can goes something like this: taurine is 2,000mg, glucosamine is 200mg, glucuronolactone is 150mg, L-Tyrosine is 100mg, ginger root is 100mg, grape seed is 100mg, licorice root is 100mg, guarana is 100mg, ginseng is 100mg, inositol is 50mg, milk thistle is 50mg, ginkgo biloba is 50mg, and L-Carnitine is 20mg. Hm, I wonder why they won't reveal the caffeine content, oh well. All in all, an insane energy drink, I loved every drop of it, and I know you will too. Get yourself a pair of Kroniks now.

Taste: 8.8 - A crisper and not-so-artificial version of the regular Kronik
Kick: 9 - Wow, the energy drink is set up with all the licorice root, milk thistle, grape seed, and ginkgo to produce one great kick
Overall: 8.9 - I'm interested in get a few more of these; they're great for something to drink when you don't want all those calories and all that sugar

Reviewed by: Chan

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nice review! Kronik Low Carb is a really good drink. They have a great product line.


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