Friday, September 5, 2008

Go Fast Light

You know, they say Sugar Free just isn't as good as a regular, original, fresh energy drink. In most cases, that is true, but then there's that group of Sugar Free energy drinks that excel their regular siblings. Go Fast is one energy drink company that seems to 'wow' everyone, which leaves me guessing what the Sugar Free version will bring me, perhaps a flavor just the same or, if not, better. What I'm thinking right now is, "If Go Fast can create a drink so powerful and fresh, can they make a sugar free drink just as good?" I take a quick glance at the can, noting every detail on the can, like how the red blends with the nice aluminum silver background. I'm also curious to see how this one sweetened, most likely Sucralose and acesulfame K, but you never know. Ah, I see it's just Sucralose, but very small amounts of, as it's listed at the bottom of the ingredients list. Surpringly there's no acesulfame potassium, but there is artificial flavors, which really could mean anything, perhaps more artificial sweeteners. I notice the cliche phrase "Pure Energy" at the top of the can. To me, that phrase has lost all meaning because you should know by now how many energy drinks I have tried, most of them saying exactly that, that are extremely lame. Well, I have faith in Go Fast, let's see if it'll live up.

Hm, the aroma to this drink is almost exactly the same as the regular, and now I'm believing that's it another drink like the Kronik and the Kronik Sugar Free where I couldn't tell the difference. The color shows no difference being golden-yellow, like the color of honey itself. Hm, well I am proven wrong the taste. It seems to be much different than the regular Go Fast, but with a few similarities like strong strawberry flavor. The differences are that with this one, there's more of an up-front flavor, mostly fruit-like sourness, and there's definitely less Australiain Honey. As it fades away, there's more of an artificialness to it that lingers, but doesn't take over the drink like most do. I'd say the general flavor is an up front, subtle strawberry flavor, that's not so artificial for a Sugar Free drink. There's also not that much honey content, at least not so much as to actually tasting it. It has an aftertaste like one you'd find from an overly sweet energy drink, you know, that crude flavor in your mouth that just doesn't go away. As for gumminess, I'd say it's more gummy than usual for something this low in real sugar, but you know, it's really not too bad. It's carbonated the same way, just a bit, enough for you to feel it on the tongue, not so much that it's hard for you to swallow though. Overall, I must say, Go Fast has really impressed me, and until they come out with a new flavor, they are a true winner in my energy drink book.

Well, even the best energy drinks seem to have the shortest lists. This drink has a pretty short list, but a nice list on energy ingredients. There's carbonated water, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, honey, sodium citrate, caffeine, and Sucralose. Well, like I said earlier, it tasted not as artificial as other sugar free energy drinks, but that's probably because most of the sweetness came from the Australian Honey and the strawberry. It also notes artificial flavors, which could really mean anything, from more artificial sweeteners, to artificial strawberry, who knows? As for energy ingredients, there's B Vitamins, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, taurine, ribose, ginseng, guarana, ginkgo biloba, inositol, and milk thistle herb. Per 11.9 can, you get only 30 calories and no sugar whatsoever. I strongly advise you get this drink if you're into distinct sugar free flavors, and not just a usual Monster Clone (Monster Lo-Carb, Hansen's Diet Red, Etc.). I'm seriously glad to see Go Fast note "No (preservatives. No aspartame, no high fructose corn syrup." That tells me they know what and what not to put into an energy drink. Okay, the kick lasted a good few hours of mainly focus with some nice jitteriness to add on. Overall, this has to go onto my go-to list of sugar free energy drinks, and really does rank up there with the Kronik Sugar Free and the Rockstar Zero Carb.

Taste: 8 - Very tasty blend of up-front strawberry and a touch of honey to add on
Kick: 8.4 - Just like the original, the Go Fast Light produced a nice 3+ hours of focus
Overall: 8.2 - I would seriously consider buying another one of these just to have

Reviewed by: Chan

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