Friday, May 9, 2008

Rockstar Juiced Pomegranate

After a quick trip to the dollar store, I decided to get the Rockstar Juiced Pomegranate. For some reason, this dollar store had an abundance of these Pomegranate Rockstars, maybe a few hundred on the shelf. I remember having the Rockstar Juiced Pomegranate a few months ago, and I was pretty pleased with its flavor. All I remember was a natural pomegranate taste, with little sweetness. This can has a red background with diamond plating. In front of it are the words "Rockstar Juiced Pomegranates, in all capital letters, and its small yellow star below it. Around its trademark star are the words "Bigger, Stronger, Faster." I also notice it says double strength, that most likely means that instead of an 8oz can, its made in a 16oz can. Lastly, this drink is 50% juice, meaning that it'll be pretty natural tasting and not as sweet as your average energy drink. So let's get reviewing!

As it pops open, I immediately get a sour apple and pomegranate aroma, with little sweetness. So far, I can tell this drink is going to have multiple flavors, other than just pomegranate. It comes out of the can an extremely dark red color, similar to pomegranate juice, maybe a bit darker. It also caught my eye because out of the can, it has red fizz, rather than white fizz. Hm, almost exactly, what I expected. As it first hits your mouth, you get a really natural pomegranate, with some sour green apple mixed in. As it fades away, I can taste a really artificial sugar, possible too much sucralose. This doesn't surprise me because most Rockstars I've tried have a bad, artificial aftertaste. However, I'm expecting more because this is 50% juice, and juice is natural. Rockstar Juiced won't give you much carbonation, so I'm pretty impressed with that. However, I do get a lot of gumminess, so you might want to take it easy with the big sips or chugging. Overall, this drink wasn't bad in any way, but then again, nothing really impressed me about it.

Now for its ingredients. Instead of sugar coming second, we see a blend of pear, apple, and pomegranate juices from concentrate. Hm, I didn't taste much pear in the drink, but I know it was there. Next comes sucrose, or table sugar. Hm, I thought I tasted some artificiality, but maybe it was the sucralose. Taurine comes in at number 4, resulting in much energy given. You also get natural flavors, instead of artificial. Like most other Rockstars, ginkgo biloba is found in this drink. Per can, you get about 200 calories, about average, or about the same as a Monster. You also only get about 46g of sugar, which is not bad at all. If you were to put ginkgo biloba in an erngy drink, you would only need about 300mg, which is in this drink. As for caffeine, you get 160mg, which should keep me alert, along with the ginkgo biloba. I don't know, this was one odd drink, in my opinion. Certainly not as good as many people explained, but then again, it wasn't bad either. I just think Rockstar doesn't make quality drinks, with the exception of the Rockstar Roasted's.

Taste: 7 - Nothing really impressed me, but it was quite tasty if nursed for about an hour
Kick: 9 - Rockstars do pack a punch
Overall: 8 - Not bad, but not great

Reviewed by: Chan

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