Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Activ Water Power

Well, a trip to Big! Lots pays off again, with the discovery of the Activ Water. I don't remember seeing any other varieties of the Activ Water over there, so I suppose I was lucky to find the Power. Power can always be assumed to mean that an drink is supposed to provide energy, I think. I just about had my fill with drinks that were too sweet, which is why I reached for this. Most canned drinks I had contained around 27-29g of sugar, which is a whole lot when paired with sucralose and the fact that the drinks warmed up. This energy water, thankfully, is going to be like a breath of fresh air with 6g of sugar per 8oz. There are 20oz total, meaning 15g only. This is going to be very refreshing with a small amount of sweetness and probably a light and sour kiwi strawberry flavor. Oh, wait a minute. The sweetener is something I've never heard of before. It's called Erythritol, and it turns out that it's a sugar alcohol that comes naturally from fruits and that is 60-70% as sweet as sugar. It has no side effects and is virtually calorie-free. Sounds like a miracle artificial sweetener, but I'll have to taste it first. The aftertaste may possibly make me wish for plain old sugar.

Well, to be expected, there's little flavor. It's vague with hardly any strawberry and kiwi. Rolling it around on my tongue, I like the sour and unusual sweetness that isn't strong at all. During the same time I tasted that, I tasted just a small saltiness coming from the electrolytes. Good thing they're in here, because opposite of most energy drinks, this one is going to have a hydrating effect, instead of dehydrating. This would be way more refreshing cold, like Gatorade is, so I'm going to chill it.

...chilled, this thing is not much better. Still, it's like plain water with electrolytes and mild kiwi/strawberry with hardly any sourness. It's not even as sweet as a Vitamin Water. If you think a Vitamin Water isn't sweet enough, you won't enjoy the sweetness of the Activ Water. Still, it is very refreshing.

The Activ Water's kick can barely be called a kick. I realized soon after drinking it that there are no energy ingredients, actually. The only thing inside that could yield any energy would be Vitamin B12. Other vitamins inside may be healthy, but they won't necessarily give you energy. Those vitamins are C, D3, K1, Calcium and Magnesium. I can't say much about the kick except that this stuff really does hydrate you. I didn't feel thirsty for the rest of the day after I drank it. Please excuse the short review, but I don't find much to say about this drink. There's really nothing powerful about this drink and a Gatorade would probably hyrdrate you just as well if not better.

Taste: 5 - Lame almost flavorless kiwi-water
Kick: 3 - No kick, mostly hydration
Overall: 3 - Just a drink...

Reviewed by: Jeff

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