Friday, July 25, 2008

Venom Black Mamba

You wouldn't believe how long I've held on to this drink. I've stowed it away for about 2 months and I think Jeff motivated me to finally take it out of my fridge and review it. I really respect Venom, their can design is mean and their low carb energy drink is brutal and tasty. I believe Venom Black Mamba will definitely be a winner in my book; and now that I think about it, I'm really excited to twist it open and check it out. Venom has an awesome can design being a fierce red snake eye with a dagger pupil and a black, scaly body. Venom is printed in a white sharp font with a blood red outline. The V and the M are stretched down to form a fang looking vicious and complimenting the cool red eye. I'm really thirsty right now, so I hope this is a refreshing Monster-like energy drink. I'm just about ready to find out how this beast will impress me, sorry for the short paragraph.

I twist it off with that crackling noise and get a extraordinarily sweet Monster Clone; also smelling pretty refreshing. The color is predictable having an golden amber color with a slightly brown tint and minimal carbonation. Venom kills at making an insane Monster clone taste, but really too sweet to be exactly like the Monster or Deton 8. The taste is hard to describe, I guess it could be citrus/grape/apple with a lot of noticeable natural sugar like glucose and sucrose. A Monster clone is one sweetened with sucrose, glucose, and sucralose (Optional), not a dull HFCS. I really wasn't expecting this much sweetness from Venom, but wow, it hits you, just about as sweet as an Amp. Although that may be a problem for some people, it's an insanely tasty Monster clone for everyone else. The carbonation compliments the original flavor having barely any, which is great. I'm regretting chugging it because I wished I had enjoyed it more, but hey it was refreshing and I was thirsty. As for gumminess, I was a bit disappointed to have this drink backed up with gumminess, although it's not even sweetened high fructose corn syrup. Overall, it's another amazing Monster Clone that anyone would enjoy. I advise you go up and get yourself one.

The ingredients are basic yet interesting having carbonated water sucrose, glucose, citric acid, maltodextrin, taurine, sodium citrate, glucuronolactone, natural and artificial flavors, ginseng, caffeine, guarana, and sucralose. Venom improved the flavor of their Monster Clone drink by sweetening it with sucrose and glucose, rather than HFCS. Sucralose, however, is a bit noticeable in Venom, but not as much as you'd think it should be. One thing about the Venom Black Mamba is that there's too much sugar, or just too sweet for most people like Jeff and I. Per 16.9 ounce can, you get 240 calories, 56g of sugar, and 2g of protein. Although it's only got a bit more sugar than a Monster, it really is like 5 times sweeter; not great. The calorie count is 40 more than a Monster, delivering more sweetness and more energy from calories. It has 400mg of ginseng and an energy blend of a powerful 6,000mg. Even though it doesn't have much caffeine (160mg), the guarana and ginseng donate a killer kick that got me hyper for a good 2-3 hours. All in all, Venom doesn't joke around when it comes to making a mean energy drink, but the Low Carb definitely out tasted this one.

Taste: 8 - Nice Monster clone, very tasty and refreshing
Kick: 8.7 - The kick was pretty dynamic and dominent
Overall: 8.3 - I would stick with the Low Carb Venom if I had to purchase one again

Reviewed by: Chan

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Anonymous said...

holy crao i had one of these and i was so freeking hyper my grandpa had to take it away from me before i finished it!


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