Saturday, August 16, 2008

WWE Raw Attitude Slammin' Citrus

I continue to note that every single famous person needs their own energy drink. I woundn't be surprised if someone like Paris Hilton, or Brittney Spears made their own 'female' energy drink as well. This time, I found the WWE version of an energy drink at Big! Lots in a 4-Pack, but who knows if this one will be a knockout. I really don't anything about wrestling but I do know that Raw is a type of wrestling and a video game I believe. They come out with a cool alliteration for describing their flavor, which is 'Slammin' Citrus and I know is going to be a hearty citrus flavor. Well Citrus is a flavor most used in an energy drink, but it's widely mistaken, in terms of the amount of sugar and affecting the taste horribly. This drink has only 50g of sugar in the whole can, that's pretty darn amazing and I know it'll be perfectly sweetened and it's sweetened with sucrose. Like I just said, usually these type of 'Hollywood' energy drinks are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup but, man, that's pretty cool. Jeff informs me about 'Socko' who makes energy drinks, including this one, and uses only sucrose. Well aside from that, the can design is awesome being trippy sets of lines leading to one point at the bottom, being the word 'Socko'. The background is a citrus orange color that looks a bit 'Halloweenish' along with the black. Well, I hope this will knock me out and be a complete winner, like Jeff said it won him over.

The scent of the WWE Raw Attitude Slammin' Citrus is merely different than other citrus flavors, having an aroma reminding me more of orange juice, rather than lemon-lime orange. The color surprised me even more than the scent being a rather neon color, or yellow-green reminding me of Monster with more of a green color to it. So far, this citrus drink has been pretty different than any other citrus I've come across. The flavor of the Slammin' Citrus is just like the scent, but really disappointing. It's more orange than lemon-lime and tastes pretty wheaty with just a small amount of 7up flavor and carbonation to it. The wheatiness makes it less flavorful and a bit more unappetizing, but the orange is pretty crisp and makes up for the wheatiness. It seems like they mixed in some 7up because not only it tastes like 7up but it has that phosphoric acid type of carbonation all or most sodas have to it. The aftertaste is almost like cough medicine you have when you had a cold back in the day, but I would think it's from the HFCS although it's not. Like I mentioned before, the carbonation takes up most of the drink, even being as light as the drink is without the carbonation as a bonus. As it has sucrose, WWE Slammin' Citrus is not gummy, but just a bit from the natural flavors in it. Overall, as much as Jeff loved the WWE Slammin' Citrus the first time he tried it, the second time, we both unanimously agreed that it wasn't great at all.

The ingredients are extremely hard to read in a silver glaring font, but I'll try to read it the best I can. It has carbonated water, sucrose, citric acid, natural flavors, sodium benzoate, potassium benzoate, sodium citrate, and yellow #6. The proprietary ingredients are shocking yet comfortable being caffeine, glucuronolactone, inositol, taurine, Damiana leaf, Guarana, yerba mate, horny goat weed, and ginseng. Per can, you get an average 200 calories and a low 50g of sugar. well, I see where WWE messed up, they didn't put enough sugar, hence the low amount of sweetness, resulting in a lame drink. It has 160mg of caffeine, sure to keep me wired for a good few hours, and 50mg of yerba mate extract as well as 110mg of horny goat weed. So, after everything, I was a bit disappointed until I read the ingredients about all the herbs, so now I think that's all right. Yerba mate tends to do good in an energy drink, although I prefer it hot, by itself and with some food on the side. For an energy drink coming from a league so tough, this was pretty lame; I still need to review the original and I hope we can see an improvement.

Taste: 6.5 - A light orange flavor that was too wheaty and too carbonated
Kick: 7.5 - The caffeine with the yerba mate tea produced a decent kick that lasted a few hours
Overall: 7 - Just an average citrus flavor, but more on the lamer side

Reviewed by: Chan

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