Sunday, August 10, 2008

YJ Stinger Sinful Citrus

It usually means something dangerous if you see a picture of a detailed wasp on the front of a can. YJ Stinger is going there and putting a fierce wasp on the can, so I'm assuming that I'm in for a pretty gnarly energy drink in terms of taste and kick. I have tried Stinger before, and I know for a fact they are not a mean and dangerous energy drink company, but a mediocre energy drink company. I believe for a can design like they have, they should intensify their drinks, I mean seriously. They also have some pretty neat alliterations they use to describe their flavors as something fearsome. For example, some of their flavor names include: Pounding Punch, Enraged Raspberry, and this one, Sinful Citrus. I admire YJ's attempt at good alliteration. However, that doesn't really mean much, in the sense of actually having a drink with a good flavor and kick to it. Besides the wasp sticking out, the can design is a nice lime green color, with the letters 'YJ' in large letters. 'Sinful Citrus' is printed in much smaller letters rimming the top of the can. Well, whatever, perhaps Sinful Citrus will deliver the flavor I'm craving at this moment.

The can opened up smoothly to expose a scent not very appetizing. It's more like an herbaceous lemon-lime scent, with some minors amounts of orange and bitterness. Hm, the color pretty much shocked me. Sinful Citrus has a color similar to the Kronik, but not as blue and a bit more green to it. It's definitely not a turquoise color, if that's what you're thinking. Yet, I'm still disappointed in the flavor I found. It tastes almost exactly like a carbonated version of the FRS Lemon-Lime and the Hooah! Lemon-lime put together. It's got that strong herbaceous flavor mixed in with a diluted lemon-lime flavor fading away with a bitter orange-peel flavor. The general flavor is really lame, and once again, YJ Stinger has left another disappointment on the table. The aftertaste is that crude HFCS flavor that's just plain -I don't want to say nasty- not great at all. Another oddity about this rather Terrible Citrus energy drink is that it's heavily carbonated, almost as carbonated as a can of soda. I've noticed HFCS-filled energy drinks haven't been as gummy anymore, but this one has the same gumminess, that I remember being just 'bleh' to me. Overall, this is just another failure in the line of Citrus energy drinks, and I don't recommend you get this one. You want to stick with the major Citrus flavors like Crunk Citrus, Rip It Citrus X, and various other juice flavored drinks.

The ingredients I see here in this 8 ounce can of Citrus are carbonated water, HFCS, citric acid, caffeine, taurine, ascorbic acid, B vitamin stack, niacin, thiamine, biotin, yerba mate, guarana, ginseng, and natural and artificial flavors. Well I first notice Stinger did put a whole lot of vitamins in this small can, but didn't mask that powerful herby flavor it contains within. Yerba Mate flavor, didn't go well with the vitamins because it helped out what I believe was the bitter flavor it gave to me. I found quite a bit of artificialness in the drink, due to the ingredient 'artificial flavors', well duh. Per can, you get 130 calories, and a useless 32g of sugar. I used the word 'useless' only because the amount of sugar I found really wasn't necessary for the amount of sweetness in the drink itself. The calorie amount is similar in the situation but you know, there's nothing I can do. The energy I'm feeling now is pretty good, actually. Like it notes on the can "Improve Performance, Increase Energy, and Enhance Concentration." I'm feeling all three of those right, let's see how long this can keep me up tonight. So, YJ isn't the best company to look for if you want a good citrus flavor, but the kick actually isn't bad. I can easily say I felt the Sting.

Taste: 6.4 - A lame and too vitaminy knockoff of a citrus flavored energy drink
Kick: 7.8 - The kick is pretty good, it lasts for quite awhile as well
Overall: 6.8 - I wouldn't recommend it anyway, there are too many better citrus energy drinks on the market that would deliver what you really need.

Reviewed by: Chan

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