Friday, April 4, 2008

Arizona Green Tea Energy

After a long day, I am glad to get home to a nice, cold Green Tea Energy Drink. This was picked up for only $1.00, a great buy. My perfect energy drink is a natural tasting drink with a hint of fruit. I am hoping that this will be a winner. If you've ever seen an Arizona drink, you know it says 'Arizona' vertically along the can with a natural-looking plant design. In the background, you see a Chinese village with Chinese writing everywhere, which I cannot understand. Anyway, I am eager to break into this can and drink its sweet nectar.

As I crack open the can, I smell a green tea aroma, similar to their original Arizona tea. If you've never smelled the Arizona tea, it smells like green tea with little sweetness. As I pour the drink into my glass cup, I notice a ginger ale-like color. Much like real green tea. However, this drink is clear with little carbonation, like the can said. Wow! This drink is perfect to my liking of tea. It enters your mouth and goes down smoothly. At first, you get a refreshing green tea flavor. Next, you get a sweet, natural sugary taste, most likely honey. However, this is not the type of drink that you don't want to drink because it is too sweet; it has the perfect amount of sweetness. Like it said, this drink has light carbonation and is great for chugging and/or taking big sips. There is only one bad part to this, I think, that is the amount of gumminess. Need I to further explain how much gumminess? If you answered yes, I'll tell you that it is a pretty extreme amount. I'm feeling a big amount of jitteriness and surprisingly, focus. Overall, this is a subtle, relaxing type drink that you would want after a long day of work or school, pretty good in my book.

Now time for the ingredients: Instead of carbonated water, the main ingredient is 'Premium Brewed Green Tea Using Filtered Water.' Next I see, sigh...HFCS. However, it wasn't too noticeable. Following that, I see Orange Blossom Honey, which gave it its natural sweet flavor, very tasty. Taurine, then comes in at number four, pretty cool. To make it more 'natural' this drink contains guarana, that makes it a better combination to go along with the green tea. Per can, you get 200 calories, which is standard for an energy drink, as well as 2,000 mg of taurine, another standard dosage. If you want a natural, sweet tea drink, head over and purchase this beast today!

Taste: 9 - Very pleasing drink, in my opinion
Kick: 9 - There was more jitteriness than focus
Overall: 9 - Worth every penny if you're into tea

Reviewed by: Chan

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