Sunday, June 8, 2008

Arizona Diet Green Tea Energy

Well, here I am with a somewhat popular tea making company's version of a diet energy drink. Way back when Canned Reviews first started, I found the Arizona Green Tea Energy drink, which I really loved, so I believe this one won't be bad. A diet energy drink obviously has no real sugar, but it does have sucralose, or in other words a fake sugar called Splenda as well as acesulfame potassium. As for this drink, I see "Sweetened With Splenda" at the bottom of the can which tells me what kind of sweetness I'll be getting. Arizona Diet has the same can design as the original, a Chinese village, some trees, and the trademark bold Arizona logo going vertically across the can, except the whole can is red. I've been excited about many sugar free energy drinks out there, but then have turned out disappointed and upset about it due to its lack of taste and such. Ok, well here goes nothing.

I open the can to reveal a similar green tea scent to the regular Arizona Green Tea Energy drink. So far so good. Out of the can, I see a translucent pale amber color, just like if you were to put caramel color into a Monster or Rockstar. Well Jeff didn't really enjoy this drink, and I'm about to experience it first-hand, so bottoms up! Well, it is lacking some needed taste, but it isn't as bad as many described it to be. It first hits the tongue with an odd sour citrus taste, most likely due to the fake sugar in the drink. Later on, the tastes buds pick up a mild and quite frankly weak green tea taste. It has no aftertaste because it's a sugar free drink but the sourness still lingers and forces you to crinkle your face in disgust. Jeff absolutely does not like this drink but I don't think it's terrible. It really could use some improvements, but still. I enjoy its extremely light carbonation, just like most tea energy drinks should be. I also enjoyed its amount of gumminess, which is obviously none. Towards the end of the can, this drink tends to get really bland and quite nasty. Even though I found this at the dollar store and most likely nowhere else it can be found, it's not worth the dollar.

As for the ingredients, Arizona Green Tea Diet premium brewed green tea as well as 'sugar' and taurine. Having taurine coming in at number three means a good boost right? Well I'm not sure, I'll have to wait it out. Only because I don't feel like listing all the basic energy drink ingredients, I'll just tell you that there's nothing real special in this drink except milk thistle and sucralose. Arizona Green Tea is for sure my favorite tea company, but I'm just a bit disappointed because I thought that Arizona could handle a sugar free drink. I'm still somewhat confused about why I could taste such a strong artificial citrus taste that ruined the whole drink. Perhaps it was the Splenda, or some green tea that was affected in some way. Per can, you get about 20 calories, the same amount as the Monster Lo-Carb (Which you're better off getting) and, oh, my bad, 6g of sugar. Well, it's close tho sugar free anyway. A usual 2,000mg of taurine is what you get in terms of energy. Caffiene is an average 160mg as well as guarana, ginseng, inositol, and milk thistle. Overall, where you find this drink, you're most likely to see the regular Arizona Energy, get that one.

Taste: 6 - A borderline drink, nearly making the Worst Taste List
Kick: 7 - Barely any effects thus far
Overall: 6.5 - I had predicted it to taste this disappointing

Reviewed by: Chan

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