Saturday, May 17, 2008

CRUNK Sugar Free

Wow! I cannot believe I actually have a CRUNK!!! Sugar Free in my hands right now. I have admired CRUNK!!! for as long as I have known them, and I cannot believe I found one. Jeff reviewed the regular CRUNK!!! so don't miss that review either. Well, CRUNKS!!! are known for their amazing kick and natural taste, so this good be the 'ultimate' drink, in my terms. I'm predicting a hopefully natural sweet pomegranate, with a bit of tart strawberry, possibly. This drink is crazy; its got Ashwaganda, green tea, ginkgo biloba, milk thistle, and white willow. On top of that, this drink only has 5 calories, pretty amazing. It has a metallic silver background as well as red bubbles on the sides of the can. You then the words "Sugar Free CRUNK!!! Energy Drink" going diagonally across the can. I'm ecstatic to actually drink this one, and I do hope that it'll be as good as the original CRUNK!!! I tried earlier.

It disperses a pomegranate aroma, with little sweetness, almost the same as a real pomegranate. I also notice a bit of grape and strawberry behind it, somewhere. Out of the can, it has a faded pink color, with some red hues, but it's pink for the most part. It has the same base CRUNK!!! taste, but is a bit original. CRUNK!!! will give you a sour pomegranate flavor, with a bit strawberry. It'll then fade away with an artificial grape flavor, most likely due to the amount of sucralose in the drink. Luckily, it has no apparent aftertaste, which allows you to not be hesitant to go in for more. It has a pretty solid taste, but gets a bit old and somewhat plain after about 4 ounces in. It's unique, and I like it. All in all, I can conclude that it has a mild fruity flavor, with noticeable artificial sweetener. The carbonation in this drink isn't actually too bad as it hits your tongue, but tends to be a bit painful going down your throat. Overall, this one wasn't too far from its original flavor, but it could use some fixing up because the flavor got a bit plain. The fellas at CRUNK!!! could make this sugar free drink have a bolder pomegranate taste, and less tartness.

Now for the ingredients. On the back of the can, the ingredients list are listed into two categories: proprietary blend and other ingredients. In the proprietary blend, we see 100mg of caffeine added into the can, inositol, green tea leaf, damiana, L-Carnitine, licorice, guarana seed, Horny Goat Weed, Ginkgo biloba, panax ginseng, grape seed extract, white willow, Ashwaganda, and milk thistle. In the other ingredients, we have carbonated water, citric acid, natural flavors, black carrot extract, pomegranate juice, sucralose, acesulfame, and riboflavin. Now that's a true energy drink blend, if you ask me. Per can (8oz.), you get only 5 calories, not bad for all you dieters out there. You obviously get no sugar, but you get all that artificial sweetener. Odd enough, I haven't seen taurine in this mix, but I'm still getting a gnarly kick. I guess they're right, taurine really doesn't do much. For an 8oz can, this drink packs one huge punch, so beware if you are getting ready to crack one of these beasts open. If you had to choose between this one and the regular CRUNK!!!, I'd advise you get the regular.

Taste: 8 - I enjoyed its natural flavor, but it just didn't have enough for me to thoroughly be pleased with it
Kick: 9 - Major kick on these beasts, but it results in a pretty sick crash
Overall: 8.5 - Not too shabby...

Reviewed by: Chan

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