Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Archer Farms Sugar Free Grapefruit Energy

Wow! I'm so happy to get a review in. It's been awhile, huh? Well, as I move along with part III (and the final) of my Archer Farms reviews, I decided to review the sugar free one. As you know, these drinks are pretty cheap over at Target, but you gotta get over there fast because I believe they raised their price to $1.00. Anyway, this can has the same basic design as the Fruit Punch and Tropical Fruit drinks, but this one has a light green color to it, similar to a Monster. I guess this light color is supposed to resemble the fact that it is sugar free...who knows? Well, I'm finished writing this paragraph up, so let's see how this beast tastes...

As soon as the can opens with a loud crack, I get a bold grapefruit aroma, similar to that of Squirt. I am so excited now because I recognized this scent, the Bookoo Zero Carb! However, I do get that scent you get when having a low calorie drink, you know, that artificial scent. Right when the cup gets filled with a grapefruit-like energy drink, I notice an odd, bright pink color. I would never have guessed that would be the color... The first thing I notice in this drink is the sweetness and sourness fighting for flavor. What this drink reminded me of is if you've ever had a grapefruit and dipped it in sugar, you get that exact taste. I don't why this says sugar free, because I can taste a noticeable amount of sugar. Unlike what I said, this drink tastes nothing like the Bookoo Zero Carb; instead, it tastes like Squirt, with quite a lot of sugar, most likely artificial. The grapefruit in this drink is hardly noticeable, after a few ounces. This artificial sugar has taking over the drink, and started a reign of terror, which is starting to bug me because I kinda wanted a fruit drink, not a sugar-filled drink. This drink does contain a lot of gumminess, like the two other Archer Farms Brand energy drinks. The gumminess, to me, doesn't effect me too much, simply because I am used to many drinks being gummy, but this may effect you. There is also a quite large amount of carbonation, similar to a soda. Overall, this drink just tastes like a diet soda. I mean, it has no real flavor, just artificial sugar.

I now turn the can around to see the ingredients and take note of the important facts. Citric acid is number 2, no surprise there, considering there is no sugar to be listed. Taurine then comes in at number 3, an astonishing move by Archer Farms. Oh, hm, let's see, what's this? ASPARTAME. Aspartame is a dangerous, artificial sweetener placed in sodas. I guess I was right, this is basically a diet soda, with taurine. Per can, you get only 20 calories, similar to the Lo-Carb Monster. If it were up to me, however, I would choose the Lo-Carb over the this because you get a healthier sugar placed in, as well as more flavor. Obviously, you don't get any sugar whatsoever; this has advantage over other low carb/calorie energy drinks because, although they are low on that, they have sugar...You also get 2,000mg of taurine, a standard dosage for almost all energy drinks out there. As you have read in my review, you're better off getting a Low carb Monster, or a sugar free Amp. This leaves me wondering why Archer Farms would even bother making a sugar free energy drink if it isn't gonna taste good, compared to all the other low carb energy drinks out there.

Taste: 5.5 - It wasn't too good, way too artificial, and frankly, no flavor
Kick: 8 - These do pack a kick, though
Overall: 6 - Eh...

Reviewed by: Chan

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