Sunday, May 25, 2008

BooKoo Wet Pomegranate Plus

Ah, the third and final BooKoo Wet. Pomegranate Plus is its name and I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a good one, much better than the first two probably more kick-wise than taste-wise. I haven't been quite satisfied with the taste of these BooKoo Wets, so my expectations aren't too high. In terms of ingredients, this drink excels, with supplements including Zinc, Chromium, Ginseng, Gotu Kola, and Ginkgo Biloba. As the readers of this site should know, Gingko Biloba is a tree leaf that Chan and I have come to love for it's focus-giving effects. The only thing that bugs me is the color, which I can see without opening the drink. It gives the impression of a weak pomegranate flavor, being a cloudy and not very dark rose-red. That makes me think it's going to be lame, since I know firsthand that pomegranate juice is really an extremely dark purple-red. Anyway, I'll see how this goes.

Aww, no crack noise. I'd been wanting to hear that noise since my last canned drink, and I didn't get it. But it was an absolute killer to open; my hand is aching! Oh, and like the other BooKoo Wets, it's filled absolutely to the brim. I like that; other drinks should follow suit. I tasted it and, and- Meh. I knew this was coming. It's a very faint pomegranate; so faint, I can't truthfully tell whether it actually is pomegranate. But it sure is refreshing. I like that; this is one of those rare drinks that actually refreshes you, aside from Gatorade. I think it's because the sweetness isn't very much with 12g of sugar per serving. Some might think it tastes watered down, but those people don't appreciate a light drink. It'd be great for a plain, refreshing drink at the beach, or somewhere, I'm thinking because it's just a little bit sour. So mild that you don't really notice it. There is that feeling of something eating away at your teeth, but it isn't as bad as soda and there's minimal gumminess or carbonation. On taste, it's just a smidge better than the Berry.

While I was about half-finished with the drink, I was feeling some great focus. And now, I'm totally dialed in and feel really concentrated. Those are the effects of Ginko Biloba, all right. This drink gets you focused and quite energetic, rather than giving you gratuitous energy with the jitters and a crash later. What gives the BooKoo Wet Pomegranate Plus these properties? around 40% of your daily value of Vitamin A, C, E B6, B12, Zinc, and Chromium. I learned that Chromium is needed in trace amounts helps sugar metabolism. Interesting. The drink is sweetened by 12g per serving and 24g total of good ol' crystalline fructose, HFCS in disguise. Also, there are the two addatives of Panax Ginseng and Gotu Kola Extract, present in the drink in 50mg amounts. Wikipedia was handy in teaching me that Gotu Kola is native to Sri Lanka and is thought to maintain youthfulness. In Thailand, a cup of Gotu Kola leaves is common as an afternoon pick me up. That is something interesting I didn't know. I guess it's something good to have in a drink, and I'm adding it to my imaginary list of energy drink additives. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the kick, but the taste was just all right.

Taste: 7.2 - Subtle pomegranate; very refreshing
Kick: 8 - Great concentration, brought to you by Ginkgo Biloba
Overall: 7.7 - Above average non-carbonated pick-me-up

Reviewed by: Jeff

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