Thursday, March 27, 2008

Monster Java Loca Moca

I am very happy to finally get another energy drink in after a leap of absence. This time around, I have the Monster Java Loca Moca. I wonder where they get that name from, it could be Hawaiian. However, that's not too important to me right now. If you have ever seen the Java Monsters, you know that they have the light brown wooden background with the tainted brown Monster logo. The font seems to have been carved into the can with some sort of sharp object. I am aching to get an energy drink in me, so without further ado, lets review.

As I pop open the can, I notice a strong coffee-like scent, like most Java Monsters out there. The coffee drink comes out of the can a thin, milky light brown color, like I expected it to come out. Suprisingly, the room is filled with a strong coffee scent, pretty unusual. This drink is smooth and light going into my mouth with a delightful, milky taste. You can say that this drink tastes like a basic iced Java Monster, except more chocolaty . The aftertaste is a strong alcohol like taste, with a hint of Monster! I get that apple-raspberry like taste in my mouth with a strong flavor, real tasty, but definitely not one to drink fast. This is incredible! I haven't known Monster to make such a strong drink like this. There is minimal gumminess which also goes down smoothly and problem-free. After awhile, however, this drink gets a bit bitter, which leaves you calling for more of its sweet, buttery, milky coffee flavor. This is by far the oddest coffee energy drink I have reviewed here on Canned Reviews. This drink tastes somewhat similar to the Java Monster Russian and the Rockstar Roasted Latte because of its warm and buttery and strong taste. Now that I think about it, this drink seems to have the flavors of all Java Monsters, in one can. If you are craving something sweet and strong, please purchase this drink instead of that overpriced Starbuck's coffee down a few aisles.

Okay you know whats next: Ingredients. We start out with filtered water and reduced fat milk, normal ingredients in the Javas. Next I notice glucose, an added sweetener, instead of HFCS. Taurine, as usual in Monsters, comes in at number 6 in this high-powered energy drink. Per can, you get 2,000mg of taurine, a standard dosage in most energy drinks as well 5,000mg of energy blend. The calorie count in this drink is 200, pretty suprising compared to how sweet this drink is. This drink also contains sucralose, an added sweetener otherwise known as Splenda. Overall, this drink wasn't bad at all, but I think Monster needs to work on this drink. It's general taste was incredible, not inly because I like Java Monsters a lot, but I think Monster made this one to kinda mess around with flavors.

*Side-effect: Lightheadedness

Taste: 8 - I really enjoyed its multiple flavors
Kick: 9 - This one's gonna give you something
Overall: 8 - It had nice and smooth flavor, but I think it's a bit too strong for my liking

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: Chan
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Anonymous said...

dude, the name is loca moca. like mocha.

it's the chocolate flavor.



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