Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rockstar Sugar Free

This is the 3rd and final review of the day for me, and I would like to finish it off by doing the Sugar Free Rockstar. As you might know, I am not too fond of Rockstars, so I do hope that this will please my taste buds, and hopefully yours if you try it. This can is exactly similar to the regular Rockstar, but colored white. You see its logo, a golden star with the words " Bigger, Stronger, Faster" surrounding the site. My least favorite slogan, " Party like a rockstar" is placed at the bottom of the can. I don't care too much for it because of that hit rap song which has nothing to do with being a rockstar. If anything, that song is about being a rapstar... Oh, wait, there's no such thing. Rap sucks. So, let's hope we find something good in this drink.

As I crack open this can, I notice a pungent, mango-like scent. The color out of the can is an amber color, similar to Monsters. I have began to notice that Rockstar seems to copy Monster's idea in drink color and taste. This drink tastes nothing at all like Monster's idea of sugar free, or "Lo-carb."I notice a taste similar to that of a tropical fruit. First, you get a strong raspberry flavor. Then you get a sweet mango and strawberry combination to form a pleasant aftertaste. So far, this drink has minimal gumminess and I find it quite refreshing after a little exercise or any other activity. I can already notice the artificial sweetener, sucralose, or Splenda. It's a little nasty, if you ask me. Other than that, I enjoy the flavor it has to offer. There is not a lot of carbonation, which makes this drink easy to chug. Overall, compared to all the other sugar-free drinks out there on the market, this drink is just alright. There is nothing really that major that is wrong with it, but there's just better drinks out there.

Let's talk about ingredients now: I notice that taurine comes in at number 3, pretty amazing being that it's a Rockstar. Per can, however, you only get 2000mg of taurine, standard dosage. I also notice that drink contains Ginkgo Biloba, a leaf that improves concentration and focus. Too bad that this drink contains sucralose because I can really taste it. I am very disappointed to see that this drink doesn't have any sucrose or glucose, just sucralose. The caffeine amount in this drink is a whopping 160mg, also pretty impressive for this drink. Lastly, I notice, like most energy drinks, that this drink contains guarana seed extract. This drink got old real quick and I hope Rockstar will improve their energy drinks in the future because I have found Rockstar's products to be quite nasty. Enough said.

*Now that I have food in my stomach, this drink isn't as bad

Taste: 4 - Actually, a very dull drink
Kick: 4 - Not much, yet
Overall: 4 - Wouldn't recommend this drink...

Reviewed by: Chan


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If the drink contained sucrose or glucose it wouldn't be sugar free.


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