Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Glaceau Vitamin Energy Fruit Punch

After a long day, I went to my local store and said, "Eh, why not" and I got the Vitamin Energy Fruit Punch. I'm pretty excited to see yet another company start making energy drinks. I mean, who doesn't, now? So, I found it on sale for $1.50, a great buy, wouldn't you say? To me, this can kinda looks like a pill capsule, you know, half purple, half white. Basically, the front of the can has a few large paragraphs explaining why this is better than your usual Monster, or Rockstar out there. I predict that this will have a multi-fruit taste, almost similar to the Archer Farms Fruit Punch Energy. Hm, I figured out that it is a relatively light drink, which I would most likely enjoy. So, here it goes.

As soon as I pop the can open, I get a curiously familiar scent, light wild berry. For some reason, when I smell it, I think of a meadow, blooming with flowers and fruits. It comes out of the can a fluorescent pink color, similar to the Archer Farms Fruit Punch. However, the taste is slightly different than those I've tried. It's a bit tough to explain, but I'll try my best. This drink comes at you with a blend of mixed berries, such as: raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, and cranberry. The aftertaste is a bitter, sugary, bland, type of carbonated water. That might be my least favorite part of this drink. I also enjoy how light the flavor is, especially since it has a terrible aftertaste. It's actually quite a bit carbonated, so I don't think you want to chug it, unless you want an aftertaste so large that you may have to wash your mouth out...I also observed that this drink actually has no gumminess whatsoever, which allows for pleasurable drinking and enjoyment. This is definitely one odd drink on the market. I mean, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't too great either, like Jeff noted in his Vitamin Energy Dragonfruit review. I actually think you should skip this one; there are many better fruit punch energy drinks out there you'd be better off with.

This drink, unlike many others, uses crystalline fructose, just another name for table sugar, or sucrose. Coming in at number three, I see taurine, a chemical not proven to actually have an affect, but is placed in nearly all energy drinks. After that, I see only natural flavor. Notice it doesn't say artificial flavor, I don't know about you, but that tells me that I'm consuming a somewhat healthy energy drink. Later in the ingredients, I see fruit and vegetable juice, put in for color. That's interesting, only put in for color? Hmm, anyway, per can, you get 200 calories, which is average for energy drinks worldwide. You also only get 50g of sugar, still a lot, but not a lot for an energy drink. You also get 150mg of natural caffeine, 200mg of Bioenergy Ribose, and 2000mg of taurine per can. It seems to me, the fellows at Glaceau don't seem to put much effort into their energy drinks. If you read Jeff's review, he basically says the same thing about Vitamin Energy. Altough it may be one of the healthiest energy drinks you come across, there's no need to get it. End of story.

Taste: 6 - It was just alright to me...
Kick: 6 - I didn't feel much either
Overall: 6 - Decent, but not great

Reviewed by: Chan

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