Saturday, July 12, 2008

Full Throttle Coffee Mocha

I have the last of Full Throttle Coffee series and I hope this final one will close up the show nicely. The Full Throttle Coffee Caramel was really warm and comfortable, the Full Throttle Coffee Vanilla really woke me up with an intense sweet vanilla cream flavor, and I'm predicting a nice sweet blend of chocolaty coffee that'll really impress me. This can is my favorite, not because of the cool cork background, but the nice chocolate-brown color in front of the Full Throttle logo. I'm a bit upset at the fact that I see 48g of sugar, even more than all the other two Full Throttle Coffee energy drinks. If I thought that the Full Throttle Vanilla was sweet, I think I'm in for an insane mocha flavor, possibly too sweet for my liking. It's a Saturday afternoon and I'm extremely in need for energy because my eyes are droopy and I have a headache, so I'm really looking forward to opening up one of these coffees and waiting for the great energy soon to follow. Excuse this short paragraph, but I'm ready for the next paragraph, so here it goes...

I open up the can and find out that this mocha energy drink has an extremely strong aroma of chocolate and Arabica Columbian Coffee. It comes out of the can an unusual darker brown color, as if someone mixed some chocolate in it. My first thought on this drink is "Wow, that truly is a mocha flavor!" It tastes as if someone dropped a chocolate bar into a can of pure Columbian coffee and some mixed hazelnuts and pecans. I can describe this as the Monster Java Loca Moca and Nut Up mixed with some really robust coffee. I automatically think that this drink makes the Best Taste List; I've never a coffee energy drink as robust and sweet and chocolaty before. Another thought popped into my head. I think of this drink as a liquid Hershey's bar. A quick ingredients check reveals cocoa, which is what chocolate is made from. It's not gummy at all, due to the cream to balance it out, a good thing for energy coffees. Overall, this is one of the best coffee energy drinks I've tried, making the Best Taste List and replacing the Monster Java Nut Up.

The Full Throttle Coffee Mocha has a few more ingredients than their sibling coffee energy drink having coffee, skim milk, water, sugar, cream, cellulose gel, natural flavors, taurine, cocoa, caramel color, sodium bicarbonate, cellulose gum, ginseng, carrageenan, niacin, carnitine, caffeine, and guarana. Each 15 fl oz serving contains 1,134mg of taurine, 168mg of ginseng, 27mg of carnitine, and 1.3mg of guarana. It also only has a weak 131mg of caffeine, sure to give me energy for about an hour, that's it. Per can, you get a killer 270 calories and 48g of sugar. I'd have to say, this is the first energy drink with that many calories, and the first coffee energy drink to have that much sugar. As amazing as it tastes, I wouldn't buy this product again, it's too sugary, and frankly just a waste of calories. The Loca Moca didn't stand a chance to this insane coffee blend, and the Rockstar Roasted Mocha was nowhere near as great as this one. If you like sugary drinks and don't care about your intake, you'd love this drink to death, but if your concious about your weight, you want to be as far away from these Full Throttle coffees as you can. All in all, I loved the great blend of chocolate, Columbian Coffee, and mixed nuts (Hazlenut, pecan, almond), but probably the last time I'll try it.

Taste: 9.5 - Once again the best chocolaty, nutty coffee energy drink I've ever tried
Kick: 8 - The kick was just okay, especially when it only has 1.3mg of guarana, and 131mg of caffeine...
Overall: 9- Great drink, too sugary and too fattening for most people though...

Reviewed by: Chan

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