Monday, March 31, 2008

Pit Bull

After a whole bunch of drinks coming in a large can, I've been looking for something a bit smaller and possibly more potent. On an energy drink excursion today I spotted this, the Pit Bull. In a small 8.4oz can, this one seems tiny to the huge BooKoos and other 24ozers. The can artwork is truly nothing special: it's a black can with "Pit bull" in red writing and, you guessed it, a pit bull on the front. It has the tagline "Attitude in a can!" and I really like how it's so descriptive about the taste in the blurb on the back. None of the other drinks I've had told me exactly about the taste. It's so lightly carbonated that, where you would see "carbonated water" listed in the ingredients, there simply reads "water." I'm glad it's not full of carbonation, because recently, all the extra carbonation in the drinks I've had has held me back from enjoying the full experience. This one, I'm hoping was meant to be chugged. But because I have to get the taste nailed in this review, I'll take a few sips first and chug it after.

I opened the can and got splish-splashed with the drink all over my shirt. I saw at the opening that the can was absolutely filled to the brim. I guess you get what you pay for here. The color is almost clear except for a very faint gold-tan tinge, presumably from the ginger. The flavor starts out exactly like Sprite and morphs into a bitter ginger, ending in a neutral aftertaste. I'm taking four ounces to get the flavor right and now, I'm about to test its chuggability. CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! Ow, my throat! Those liars! It is, too, carbonated and not as lightly as I had hoped. I guess this is just a fun one to give to your friends so you can watch their facial expressions as they chug. I'm telling you that you don't get any while you chug; it's like taking in mineral water. I'd say that this one is a fail unless it can prove to me it has the power to get me going like no other. I'm going to do some jumping jacks; I'll tell you what I think after.

Okay, after 60 jumping jacks in less than a minute, I still have to say it's not what I was expecting. I'm a little let down but glad because at least we got this out of the way. On the ingredients, it seems pretty weak, with 500mg per serving, which is the whole can, and 50mg of Inositol. It bothers me a little bit that this can has a whopping 28 grams of sugar and yet little or no sweetness. It's a complete let down that I'm ingesting all that sugar and not tasting it. This drink is just pretty disappointing and I don't recommend it at all.

Taste: 2 - Extremely light and nothing special; like having mineral water
Kick: 3 - I believe it's the same kick I would get from a banana
Overall: 2 - Don't buy it, plain and simple

Reviewed by: Jeff

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