Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Max Velocity

I'm so happy to get a review in after in a few days. As I was in Albertson's the other day, I noticed a drink called Max Velocity. What caught my eye was its extremely glossy look and has a realistic looking cheetah seemingly going fast on in. It has an apple-red background with some black dashes going vertically up and down the can. I don't know, but I've never heard of this drink, so I am really eager to get it opened up and reviewed. It also says the words Max Velocity vertically across the can. So without further ado, let's go!

As the can opens, I get a Monster-like smell, like apple-raspberry. I'm starting to think that this is just another Monster clone, but I'll let the taste decide that. As it comes out of the can, I notice a dark amber color, similar to Monster, with little fizziness. As soon as I taste it, I am met with a sweet and sour green apple taste. Almost completely different than a Monster, I think. Imagine eating a green apple, with a dash of sugar and some syrupy taste. I am surprised that this drink is as good as it is, being that it is a no name brand, if you will. I now realize that this drink actually tastes like a Red Bull, only lighter and more crisp and sharp. I like how this drink is light and easy to drink. Which means it easy to chug or take big sips. Like most Red Bull/ Monster clones, this drink has great chuggability. Also, I get minimal gumminess, which as you should know, I enjoy. Overall, If you can find this drink, you should get it because it tastes almost exactly like a Red Bull. So, instead of using all your money on an overpriced Red Bull, get yourself one of these beasts.

Now to talk about the ingredients. Sadly, I see HFCS in this mix. I don't recall seeing HFCS in Red Bull or Monster, so that's one difference. Taurine then comes in at number four, another difference, but yet it only has 2,000mg per can. I also see natural and artificial flavors. In this drink, I can point out the natural parts and the artificial parts, so that's okay. Per can, you get 240 calories, which is pretty above average for an energy drink. You also get 62g of sugar per can. That is the most I've seen in an energy drink thus far. Basically, this drink has great taste advantages, but the ingrdients disadvantages to this drink. I am surprised to say that I'm not really feeling too much energy, but it's noticeable. I don't think I'll have this drink again due to its large amount of calories and sugar. You might not care about what you consume, but if you ever try this drink, be careful how much you actually have. This drink is pretty interesting. If you can actually find one, go ahead and try it out. It's one of those drinks where you either like it, or you hate it.

Taste: 7.5 - It was surprisingly tasty
Kick: 7 - The kick didn't please me, nor did it upset me.
Overall: 7 - It's an addicting drink, most likely due to its high sugar content

Reviewed by: Chan

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