Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rip It Chic Sin A Man

I get a call from Jeff today telling me he had gotten over 30 energy drinks for 60 cents at Big Lots! I was in disbelief until I actually saw for myself the galore of various energy drinks, some being unknown to me. It was a tough decision, but I had to choose the Rip It Chic only because I've been so curious about this drink ever since I heard about it. Anyway, expect a lot of great reviews coming in the next couple of months, such as: BooKoo Bite, BooKoo Citrus, BooKoo Punch, Hooah!, WWE Energy + Citrus, Jones, and many, many more. Rip It Chic has a code word "Sin A Man" meaning this may have an odd cinnamon flavor. I haven't heard of an energy drink that has a cinnamon flavor until I heard of the Rip It Chic Sin A Man. I couldn't help glancing over at the ingredients list to see that grapefruit juice from concentrate is number two on the list, but I scroll down and see nothing that has to do with cinnamon. Well, I'm too confused, so I'll just open it up and find out.

As Jeff impersonates Spawn of Uamenti, I open it up quickly to get a herby grapefruit aroma, with a hint of cinnamon. Rip It Chic Sin A Man comes out of the can a very light pink color, perhaps very feminine. Because I know this drink is meant for girls and is sugar free, you can obviously guess that it's one light drink, too light for a guy. It's got a light herby lemon taste, just like the FRS Lemon-Lime and it fades away with a pleasant grapefruit taste. I don't know, but I think that there could be just a hint of cinnamon after a few seconds in the mouth, but not nearly enough for untrained taste bud to catch. It's a smooth drink, but I just think it's not for avid energy drink fans only because taste isn't worth however much your going to pay for it, unless it's .60 cents. Out of all the sugar free energy drinks, this one actually has no -and I mean no- aftertaste whatsoever. This Rip It Chic is really sweet on carbonation having very, very light carbonation and, surprisingly, gumminess. Overall, I liked this drink, but I just wish it had more flavor because I know Rip It, and they make mean drinks.

Ingredients wise, Rip It Chic has carbonated water and grapefruit juice from concentrate. The grapefruit juice plays a nice part in giving it a smooth, enjoyable flavor. It's also got citric acid, sodium citrate, benzoate, gum acacia, sucralose, potassium sorbate, natural and artificial flavors, maltodextrin, salt, calcium disodium, acesulfame, brominated vegetable oil, and citrus pectin. Rip It, as you know, is known for its wild ingredients that frankly aren't too healthy for you. However, Rip It totally owns at making an awesome drink, in terms of taste and an intense kick! Per can, you only get an explosive 5 calories per 12 ounces of a light feminine energy drink and absolutely no sugar but you do get that artificial Splenda and maltodextrin. Rip It Chic Sin A Man really gave me a buzz lasting quite a few hours, most likely because it has a whopping 150mg of caffeine, a bit more than a 16 ounce Monster! This Rip It has a basic 1,500mg of taurine, meaning that if it were in a 16 ounce can, it would have 2,000mg. Overall, this drink was a bit light, but really pleasant and perks you up pretty decently.

Taste: 8 - I thought it had a real nice, smooth taste to it
Kick: 9 - Wow, what a kick!
Overall: 8.3 - I think I'm going to start stocking up on these Rip It Chics

Reviewed by: Chan

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