Saturday, April 5, 2008

El Sol (It's the Sun)

As I was browsing for energy drinks at the Dollar Store, I found the 8 ounce can "El Sol." It's a small blue can with a silhouette of a man playing soccer at the bottom. Above him, I see a large yellow sun with the words El Sol printed in bold letters. I also notice the word 'Lotte.' Let me research what it means...hmm, it turns out to mean 'fights' in Italian. I'm assuming that this drink is Italian, rather than Hispanic, as I once thought it was, though it isn't. Anyway, I don't recall trying any foreign drink like this one, so without further ado, let us begin the review.

This drink has a pleasant, subtle scent, similar to a Monster, but not as strong. It comes out an amber color, same as the Monster. However, I notice a lot more carbonation than the Monster. Wow, pretty awesome flavor! This drink has a sweet, natural tasting red apple flavor with a mild raspberry aftertaste. The aftertaste is actually really mild and not bothering me whatsoever. This most likely comes in an 8 ounce can because of its light flavor and chuggability. You know, as of right now, this drink is already gone because I cannot resist its light carbonation and intense flavor. This drink has no gumminess and goes down really smooth, which is in my liking of energy drinks, as you might know. I think El Sol created this drink to give athletes a boost without the gumminess, overpowering flavor, and heavy carbonation. Overall, take this drink if you want a light flavor and big boost, and you will not regret it. However, you will probably find this drink 50 cents, worth every penny.

This drink has basic ingredients, so let's talk. First, I see carbonated water, like usual. Next, comes corn syrup, not HFCS. That's pretty interesting because this drink has no gumminess whatsoever. After that, I see taurine, which comes in at number three. As you know, we then have the usual ingredients: citric acid, guarana extract, niacin, etc. Per can, you get 110 calories, 10 more than average, but that's alright. You also get 1,000 mg of taurine, and only 28 grams of sugar, Pretty awesome drink! Okay, right now I just found out this drink was made in Korea, that's fine, I'm not feeling anything too bad. This drink is a true winner in my book. I would definitely recommend this drink to beginners to energy drinks or if you are just looking for a light drink.

Taste: 7.6 - Awesome flavor, light, easy to drink and swallow
Kick: 8 - What intense kick for a small can!
Overall: 7.8 - Do not let the Italian can design and words trick you into not purchasing this

Reviewed by: Chan

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Anonymous said...

LOTTE is a Seoul, South Korea based food & beverage company whose chief export market is Los Angeles, Calif. L.A.'s "Koreatown" or K-Town has the largest number of Koreans living abroad; many own small businesses, convenience stores, and speak better Spanish on average than typical caucasians. Hence the "El Sol - It's the Sun" tie-in with fĂștbol. Anyway, I came here looking for a relable figure for the Caffeine content of that little blue & red can which I agree is worth every penny of the 50 centavos you'll be charged (typically without a redemption fee; since there isn't one). If you find out I hope you update the page. Thanks


Jeffery "Jeff," Chandler "Chan"