Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Red Devil

When I check out Big Lots!, I've got to see what's new. This time, I saw Red Devil and had to pick up a can to review. At first sight, this doesn't seem very significant, but taking a closer look, I see this drink claiming to be the best tasting energy drink in the world. I find that a stretch, and I won't truly believe in it until I get a good taste of this. What I find interesting about this drink is that it's imported from Holland, which might mean authenticity. Holland, I believe, is in Northern Europe, North of Austria, which I've heard is sort of where energy drinks really took off. What else makes this drink very special is that I'm even holding it in my hands. Prior to 2007, Red Devil has not been available in the United States, however it has been extremely popular in many European countries and Russia. I'm not sure what I should expect from a drink imported from Holland, but I am hoping for quality.

Popping this can open, I'm not excited to smell a lame apple cider with a tiny burnt taste like HFCS in the Vitamin Water Power-C. Tasting this, then, it tastes the same with a little less burnt taste and more apple/green apple, much like apple cider. This being the second time around I've had it, the nasty burnt taste from the last one is lessened significantly and with a small tinge of cherry that fades and reappears. This time, it is actually pretty tasty, however some gumminess is also making its way through. I decided to pour this out into a glass of ice and I was pleasantly surprised with a wonderful orange/burnt sienna color like pumpkin pie and reminding me of October. The most prominent color is that orange, and there are highlights of yellow shining through; the color really is wonderful. Getting deeper into the taste, it's mostly glorious natural apple, but I can taste some pretty natural black cherry as well with that natural bitterness. This, however, is when it's hot. When cold, that horrid burnt HFCS flavor is back, the sweetness is absent and the already subtle flavor is nearly non-existant. However, when hot, this drink is very gummy and eats away at your teeth's enamel. Overall, this drink actually has a decent taste, but I don't appreciate the small nasty burnt taste at all.

On kick, Red Devil performs decently, mostly offering a bit of alertness and some mild energy. However, this is nothing compared to the incredible kick of a stronger drink, like Monster. I can't list all the ingredients for this review, since I seem to have unfortunately lost the can, however, I can assure you the level of sugar per 8oz was above 30. Also, this drink has Taurine, Caffeine, Vitamins B12, B6, B6, B5, B2 and Vitamin C for energy ingredients. I can't say how much of each, however, since Red Devil's website does not specify. I can only say this kick was mediocre and although I don't really enjoy these, I will have to look for another. 

Taste: 6.8 - A bit bland, yet interesting apple/cherry with a slight burnt HFCS taste
Kick: 6 - An average kick, nothing special
Overall: 6.5 - Due for a re-review, once again

Reviewed by: Jeff

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