Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nitro2Go FU: Firepower Unleashed

I came across the Nitro2Go FU at the local dollar store for the price of about 2 bucks. It seemed to be the only thing they had there, so I decided to pick one up and test it. The can features a nice grungy "FU" above the words "Firepower Unleashed" in a the same font. It's a simple and interesting design, with the black can and the energy ingredients written across the top. I can hardly guess what the flavor might be, but from the red on the can, I'm thinking it's got some sort of citrus flavor. We'll see...

At the opening of the can, I can tell that it smells similar to a lot of other energy drinks, with that generic Apple/Berry flavor. I still can't imagine what the color might be. When I pour it out into a cup, the color is amber-gold, like a Monster, but darker. This color is also popular with many energy drinks on the market. The smell and taste is pretty close to the Jones Energy, with kind of a sweet, bubble gum-like flavor, but there's more of a generic taste. When you drink it, you won't immediately think of any one fruit. It's pretty much just sweet. The thing I don't like about the drink is that on the first pour, I get tons of gumminess and some bad carbonation. I believe it's about the same amount as in a soda. It's not one to chug, or even very good to take large sips with, which is bad because it's just the kind of boring taste you'd find in many drinks meant to be chugged. The carbonation just holds you back.

Looking at the ingredients, I don't see many great ingredients but Caffeine and Inositol, even though on the top of the can it lists Tauine, Ginseng, and Guarana. The amount of Taurine is standard, at 2000mg per can, and there's the normal B Vitamins in the mix. I'd say there's nothing special about the ingredients, or the drink. I'd rather have a Monster instead. Or even an 8oz, $0.50 Mad Croc. At least the Mad Croc really tastes similar to a Monster, with that crisp taste and smoooth texture. I really am looking forward to it.

Taste: 3 - Just your average everyday sweetness
Kick: 3 - I'm probably looking at a sugar high for a little while
Overall - 3 - I'd say don't waste your time and money on this one

Reviewed by: Jeff

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