Sunday, September 14, 2008

24:7 Green Apple

I need a lift and I say it's time for a simple drink. I want something I suspect to be simple yet bold and very tasty. Out of the drinks I have currently, I'm guessing the 24:7 Green Apple might fit those criteria, since it's been that way with the Orange and the Cherry Berry. I am a fan of 24:7's can design, with a black background and a sideways 24:7 that looks like a digital clock. Beneath it there are many smaller 24:7's giving this can a very cool and sleek look. There's a green ring at the top and below it there's a little symbol for a green apple. On kick, 24:7's haven't been exceptional, though I look forward to the taste. I don't want to waste time because this drink is getting warm.

My first whiff was little bit disappointing. I guess I was expecting too much, because this doesn't quite dazzle me. It smells like a fresh granny smith, minus some sweetness and with a little more sourness. The color when I pour this baby out reveals itself to be a wild shade of dark green, much like the color on the can. It's fluorescent in some ways, yet dark like British racing green from some angles. The smell from inside a glass is a little bit more artificial but still pretty weak and missing some sweetness. Tasting it, it's much the same, but toned down considerably on the tartness front. I was right when I predicted this to be a simple flavor, but it's not quite bold. In the smell, there's a small hint of that sourness from the caramel apple candy, but it does not transpose to the flavor. Sadly for me, this tastes very natural, like an actual green apple. What I was hoping for was a flavor like apple dishwashing soap. What it turns out to be is something more subtle and organic. What's good about this drink, however, is that there isn't much carbonation at all and the gumminess stays to a minimum. I have to say, I was not impressed by this drink, but it's a nice drink just to sip slowly. Toward the end of the can, it's reminding me of a Mexican soda, devoid of most flavor, but with crisp sweetness and accumulating gumminess.

On kick, I'm not expecting much, to be honest, since the Cherry Berry didn't deliver so much energy either. What this does have to offer in terms of energy ingredients is Sugar (Not HFCS), Taurine, Sodium Citrate, Caffeine, Glucuronolactone, and Niacinimide. The reason I list Sodium Citrate is because it's listed in parenthesis as an energy ingredient along with the rest. Sadly, similar to many drinks, 24:7 does not mention the caffeine content. It could be 140, it could be 250; it's impossible to tell. Based on what I feel now, I'm guessing it's close to 120-150 per can. A budget drink like 24:7 probably isn't going to dump huge amounts of caffiene in. The rest of the ingredients are as follows: Water, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 1. Other statistics: Sugar content is 29g per serving, 58 per can, 120 calories per serving, 240 total. I don't have much to say about the kick; it's pretty straightforward. It seems to be constant gradual energy and nothing more. Unfortunately, my focus is about normal, which I'd like to see elevated instead. Overall, I don't see any real compelling reason to get this again. Both 24:7's I've tried have been disappointing.

Taste: 6.7 - Boring and weak natural granny smith apple
Kick: 6.3 - Doesn't compete with a Monster
Overall: 6.5 - I wouldn't care for another

Reviewed by: Jeff

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