Friday, October 10, 2008

Snickers Charged

This site is called Canned Reviews, but when you find an energy food, you've just got to have it. Snickers, without my knowledge, has apparently released Snickers Charged, a perfect fusion of two great things: candy and energy drinks. Now, I can get my daily dose of candy and my daily energy boost all at once! For the Snickers Charged, Snickers comes out with a sweet rapper with a silver background and a red ribbon striped across the wrapper and the word CHARGED heroically printed within the ribbon. At the end of the red stripe, there's a fierce rhino that gives a nice impression of power and strength. Down below the CHARGED, it mentions: With Caffeine, Taurine, B-Vitamins, Milk Chocolate, Peanuts, Caramel, Nougat. Reading that list brings back good memories. I would say Snickers is probably my favorite candy bar, and fusing it with energy ingredients just makes it even better. This is my first experience with an energy food, so I'm taking it slowly.\

The bar's wrapper opens, not with a pop or twist, but a tear of the plastic. Inside is a chocolatey rectangular bar smaller than a typical Snickers bar that doesn't give away its true identity as an energy food. Taking a bite, it's mostly like a regular Snickers, except I think there's more nougat and chocolate, and it seems, less peanuts. This alteration in the recipe gives the bar a slightly more airy and less chunky texture. After the first bite, the flavor starts to get interesting, In the middle of the bite, I taste a bit of bitterness that goes along with the bar nicely, in my opinion, until you reach the aftertaste. Chocolatey, caramel, peanuty goodness fades away and you're left with a sugary aftertaste and some odd bitterness like bitterness from a B vitamin tablet that sticks around for a good minute, I'd say. And I understand that, because in an energy drink, you've got the same ingredients, in even higher concentrations, yet they're somehow more easily masked either because they're dissolved in more liquid, or because there's flavorings to mask them. Very often, energy drinks are very sour because sourness is an effective method of masking bitterness from energy drinks. Overall, this bar is undeniably tasty, with a very minor bitter aftertaste, at least in my mind, that's easily manageable.

Because this is a candy bar, and I don't doubt that some people consume these by the dozen, I'm fairly certain there isn't a large amount of caffeine in one bar. I check the wrapper and I'm correct, there are only 60mg of Caffeine, which isn't bad, but is less than your typical energy drink. Also, Taurine's in the mix, and it mentions there are 250mg of Taurine in one bar, meaning you could have 8 Snickers Charged candy bars to equal the standard amount of Taurine in most energy drinks:, 2000mg. Also, in 8 bars, there are 240 whopping milligrams of Caffeine. Those numbers are very much like a high-impact energy drink, yet, instead of receiving the typical 50-60g of sugar in one drink, you'd be having 200g of sugar and 2000 calories. Those are some pretty gruesome numbers, there, which tells you these were not meant to be had consecutively during short periods of time. Also, when I really read the ingredients list, I start to feel bad about having this:

Ingredients: Milk Chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Chocolate, Skim Milk, Lactose, Milkfat, Soy Lecithin, Artificial Flavor), Peanuts, Corn Syrup, Sugar, Milkfat, Skim Milk, Vegetable Oil (Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil/and or Palm Oil), Chocolate, Taurine, Lactose, Salt, Caffeine, Egg Whites, Vitamins (Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6, Biotin, Vitamin B12, Artificial Flavor.

However, having one or two, just like Snickers has many times claimed, can truly be very satisfying and the kick is good, giving me some great alertness.I strongly recommend this as a wonderful energy-snack.

Taste: 8.9 - Snickers; sooo goood...
Kick: 7.4 - I like the alertness
Overall: 8.5 - Strongly recommended; wonderful energy-snack

Reviewed by: Jeff

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