Saturday, May 17, 2008


Nice! I got the Crunks today and I have been so excited to try them all day long. I heard about these online at, and thought they were quite unique, being very herbal and different than most energy drinks. It's not only an energy drink that will give you energy, but also one that increases libido. With ingredients like Ashwaganda and Horny Goat Weed, this should have some effect other than energy-giving. The can design is pretty wicked and sleek, the background being black with red on the top and bottom and a nice, modern transition to red. The top of the can includes many adjectives to describe the kick: Replenish, Stimulate, Refresh, Invigorate, Arouse, Energize. I like the drink's look and theme. I'm really eager to pop this one open, after hearing Chan tell me how good it is.

My first words after opening the can: "Mmm... This smells good." I really like the smell. It's like pomegranate juice with the seeds included and some definite herbalness. It tastes much less herbal than the Sugar Free CRUNK!!! I tasted earlier today. And it seems also not as sweet, containing HFCS. At first, your tongue is met with sour and slightly sweet pomegranate juice. That same taste follows through and then the herbs kick in. It tastes almost minty and like eucalyptus and it's very pleasant, I think. It doesn't take as much of a trained and acquired taste to enjoy as the sugar free version, which I, frankly, liked more than the regular. I think I do for a few reasons: The Sugar Free has a stronger herbal taste, which I liked, and the sweetness was actually not bad and very nice for a sugar free drink. There's very little carbonation in this one, and for the first time ever as well, I wish there were more. It's not my favorite drink, and I think it could be improved with Glucose and Sucrose instead of HFCS. It's not that there's any gumminess, which is very good, but I just believe it could taste crisper and more refreshing than it is. Overall, it's a decent drink, but I thought it would be better. It's not often that I prefer a sugar free version of a drink over the regular. Now, I'm waiting for the kick.

Well, after really trying hard to feel the kick, I admit, I don't really feel what the can promised. I know, though, that I am feeling a bit more sensitive. I feel like mingling with a group of guys and girls and having some fun chatting. It sounds like a lot of fun right now. It's due to the proprietary blend, which consists of Caffeine, Inositol, Green Tea Leaf, Damiana, L-Carnitine, Licorice, Guarana, L-Tyrosine, Horny Goat Weed, N Acetyl L-Cytesine, Ginkgo Biloba, Panax Ginseng, Grape Seed Extract, Skull Cap, White Willow Bark, Ashwaganda, and Milk Thistle. Quite an extensive ingredients list! Though there are a lot of very unique energy supplements, I have to admit, it didn't do much in terms of libido or arousal. It did, however, absolutely glue my eyes open and give me intense focus. It's a great one to have if you're pulling an all-nighter. Even 8oz had a large effect. I would not count on it so much for its promised effects, but rather for a powerful pick-me-up or a drink to share with friends.

Taste: 7.2 - An okay herbal pomegranate
Kick: 8.5 - Intense focus and alertness
Overall: 7.5 - A good one for mingling with friends

Reviewed by: Jeff

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