Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ed Hardy Pomegranate

Today, Jeff went over to BevMo to check out their inventory. Luckily he found the Ed Hardy drinks. Ed Hardy is the "Godfather of Tattoo" who introduced color in the art of tattoo 40 years ago. Odd enough, he made a line of energy drinks to be put on the market. I have a good feeling that this one will be a real winner, in my book, and for Canned Reviews. This one, however, has a large, vicious tiger, ready to strike. Beyond that, I see a pomegranate red background. I heard that this is a natural, light, refreshing drink, so I am predicting a calm pomegranate flavor. Okay, I'm ready for the dramatic can opening ritual.

Just as the can opens, Jeff and I immediately smell a light refreshing pomegranate flavor. That's odd, I was expecting a red color. Instead, I got a usual Monster-like color, otherwise known as amber. Oh, I hope this isn't just another Monster clone. Thankfully it's not. I wasn't as pleased with the taste as much as I thought I would, though. It first attacks my taste buds with an extremely weak pomegranate flavor, a bit disappointing. Following that, I get a cheek-pinching sourness, which isn't too bad, but drives the main pomegranate flavor away even more than it already is. In my opinion, Ed Hardy made a pretty lousy drink, it's not even worth coming across and looking at. Thankfully, this drink isn't too carbonated, but it doesn't matter, it doesn't help it in any way. However, I do get a lot of gumminess, nearly unbearable to most energy drink lovers, like Jeff and I. Overall, this drink wasn't bad, but it wasn't good in any way, no need to purchase...

Now for the ingredients. I'm pretty glad to announce that this drink is HFCS free. I must say, though, it had the gumminess that HFCS provides. Taurine, then comes in at number four, followed by natural and artificial flavors. I don't really think that this drink has enough flavor to have natural and artificial in it. Now, why does this drink contain caramel color? We may never know, but it probably gave the drink it's amber color. Per can, you get 220 calories, about average for an energy drink, as well as 56g of sugar, about average too. The taurine count is average coming in at 1,000mg per serving(8 fl oz). This drink was just too plain to write very much about, no actual flavor whatsoever. If you actually do come across Ed Hardy's drink, just keep walking.

Taste: 5 - It didn't really appeal to me
Kick: 5 - Not very much at all...
Overall: 5 - Just a lousy drink in general

Reviewed by: Chan

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