Monday, April 7, 2008

Archer Farms Tropical Fruit Energy

Wow! I didn't know Archer Farms made energy drinks. That's pretty cool. Anyways, I purchased this drink the other day for only .85 cents at Target. They make Fruit Punch and Sugar-Free Grapefruit as well. However, I will review those later. I was excited to get my hands on one of these because to me, it sounded really interesting. This can has the Archer Farms Logo in large letters, along with its little red rooster. Below it, is a simple yellow background with the words Energy Drink in capital letters. Basic.

As the can opens, I immediately smell a weak blend of mango and raspberry. Not a lot of scent, but a powerful color. As it rushes into the cup I notice a dark orange/light red color, with a lot of carbonation. As I sip it, I get a nice mango taste and as it fades away, I get a sour raspberry aftertaste. This is one flavorful drink. The mango is sweet and natural tasting, like your eating a mango, fresh picked from a tree. The aftertaste is the kind of sour taste you get from a lemon drop, pinching the sides of your mouth. It's the tasty type of sourness, not the unbearable, nasty sourness. However, the raspberry isn't as strong as the mango taste, but that's fine because good drinks usually try to get a lighter aftertaste that fades slowly and gives you a pleasant "goodbye." One factor that most energy drink companies lie about is the amount of carbonation that is placed in a drink. Some brands, like Red Bull, Pit Bull, and No Fear will note that their drinks are "lightly carbonated." Like this one, they are indeed heavily carbonated. Like I said in my Rip It Citrus review, these drinks are meant to be enjoyed and drunk slowly, so I don't really mind the carbonation. Next, I want to say that this drink does contain a noticeable amount of gumminess that takes over your entire mouth, so be aware of that. Other than that, this drink was pretty tasty. Overall, you need to stop over at Target to get this drink if you want a tropical punch for a low price.

Now the ingredients list. First, I notice carbonated water, in most every energy drink. After that, High Fructose Corn Syrup. Ah, HFCS, we meet again... Taurine then comes in at a whopping number four. Per can, you get 200 calories, the common amount in a lot of energy drinks out on the market. You also get 2,000 mg of Taurine, also standard dosage. You know, someday I will find an energy drink out there with more than 1,000 mg of Taurine per serving. You also get around 52g of sugar, which is standard as well. I guess, ingredients wise, this is a pretty standard energy drink. For a price of .85 cents, you get a flavorful boost of the tropics and a monster kick. This is way more than I expect from a brand like Archer Farms; all I can say is, great job.

Taste: 7.5 - It was pretty good, it kind of upset my stomach after a bit
Kick: 8.5 - All of the sudden...boom a large kick
Overall: 8 - I recommend you purchase this drink, even if you don't like it, it's .85 cents

Reviewed by: Chan

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