Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ed Hardy Sugar Free

Ah, Ed Hardy, the godfather of tattoo. Boy, it's been awhile since I've tried one of Ed Hardy's energy drinks. I've tried most of them and yet, I wasn't very pleased at all because they had a real lame taste. If they want to make an energy drink that people will want to try, the people at Ed Hardy need to give their energy drinks more flavor and a better kick. Out of all their different colored cans, I think that this color, black, looks best with their trademark fierce tattooed striking tiger. When I found this drink, I was confused because I thought it was a new 'regular' Ed Hardy, but then I looked at the bottom right-hand corner and saw "NO SUGAR ADDED." Pretty cool. I'm on a run of low carb/sugar free drinks right now because that's mainly what I've been finding, so be sure to check them out in a few days or so. Okay, well I'll cut this one short and just review...

I open up the can to get a surprisingly sweet apple, subtle blueberry and blue raspberry aroma, which swept me off my feet. I guess I figured out what you can relate the smell to: those Granny Smith apples. Out of the can, Ed Hardy Sugar Free reveals an expected light Monster-type amber color, with some golden brown hue. I was a bit upset when I tasted a bland apple-berry flavor, that fades away almost instantly after touching the tongue. My strategy with sugar free drinks is taking a mouthful, letting it sit on the tongue for awhile, then swallow, that way you get a thorough taste. That's what I'm doing for this one. I can definitely taste some tartness, which, unlike other energy drinks, takes over the main flavor, being somewhat different than your usual sugar free drink. Ed Hardy is pretty cool on the aftertaste, having none, especially being that it's sugar free. Just like what it says on the side of the can, Ed Hardy promises light carbonation, and that's what you get. The fellas at Ed Hardy also did an excellent job ridding the gumminess of this energy drink. Overall, it's not bad for a sugar free drink, just a bit lighter than your average cup of tea.

Let's talk ingredients. Ed Hardy obviously puts no glucose, sucrose nor HFCS, but sucralose, which is... to be exact, number nine on the list. Number three belongs to natural and artificial flavors, not common to have artificial flavors in an energy drink. Caramel color gives Ed Hardy Sugar Free its smooth amber color and taurine gives you that extra boost in your kick. Other than that, I just see standard ingredients: vitamin B-12, citric acid, riboflavin, caffeine, ascorbic acid, etc. Per can, you get a mighty 10 calories, about half that of a low carb Monster. Following that, you get no sugar (No brainer), but for some reason, 2 carbs...? Oh well, that's pretty good though. Now that I've dug deeper in this can, I can start to taste the Splenda as well as the artificial flavors, although it doesn't bug me thus far. Once again, I'm a bit disappointed Ed Hardy continues to make a light-tasting energy drink that doesn't compare to your big brand energy drinks on the shelves. For a bit more calories and a lot more taste, I recommend you head over and grab a Lo-Carb Monster. You won't regret it.

Taste: 6.7 - I... I had a problem with its light taste...
Kick: 7.3 - Just like last time, gives a somewhat solid boost for less than an hour
Overall: 7 - This drink is lucky to be alive out on the brutal market of energy drinks

Reviewed by: Chan

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