Friday, August 29, 2008

Hydrive Acai Berry

Since the beginning of all energy drinks, the goal of an energy drink was to get you perked up and incredibly focused as well. Now, I haven't been a fan of Hydrive, but I do know that they give so much focus, enough that lasted me a good few hours without jitteriness. I felt so lucky when I found a Big! Lots that stocked two more flavors of Hydrive, Pomegranate, and this one, the Acai Berry. Which reminds me to note that acai has become so popular between energy drinks in the past year or so, and frankly, it's really good in one. Hydrive tastes a whole lot different than a water based energy drink, if I remembered, most likely because it's made of water from natural springs. In my opinion, that's an automatic win because I definitely feel safer knowing where the water came from and it'll have better and crisper taste to it, as opposed to be regular drinking water. The narrow bottle looks sharp behind a deep blue wrapper with the word "Hydrive" stretched across the whole wrapper.
What has to be the coolest part of this bottle is the covered sun with blue rays exiting the somewhat black-looking sun.

As I twist off the black water bottle cap, I notice the phrase "Better Energy" suggesting a somewhat healthy drink. Well anyways, the scent is more like an artificial berry aroma with a slight amount of bright acai flavor mixed in. An odd clear color is provided for each bottle Hydrive, although I was expecting perhaps a blue color, hinting at the neat blue wrapper. Oh wow, the flavor is really whacky, all over the place to put it simpler. It's more of an extremely rich blueberry and blue raspberry flavor as well as pungent acai to compliment that sour flavor from the natural fruit. The spring water made from this drink is perhaps the cause of the drink being crisp and easy to drink, despite the amount of sourness and richness. I did notice, throughout the whole bottle, the berry was artificial and the acai wasn't too noticeable, in terms of defining how natural or artificial it was. The aftertaste reminds me of a crisper version of the Jolt Blue, and toned down a whole lot with more acai. It's obviously not carbonated, that allows for an easier drinkability without having to worry about the tingling on your tongue and in your throat. With spring water, there's no gumminess, but the sourness takes over and makes up for the gumminess. Overall, Hydrive has made yet another odd energy drink, but not a bad one. I guess it's just "So-So."

In one 11.2 ounce bottle of Hydrive, there's spring water, crystalline fructose, citric acid, sodium citrate, natural flavors, monopotassiumphosphate, caffeine, taurine, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, niacin, and sucralose. Rather than the usual filtered water, i like the whole idea of using spring water, hence giving it a better taste as well. Call me stupid, but it seems like 'monopotassiumphosphate' is one word listed on the ingredients list. Well, perhaps it's an error, or maybe it's not. Per bottle, you get a measly 25 calories and hardly any sugar, just 5g. Now, this is a great option for an energy drink if you want a great flavor, without the artificial flavors, as well as a better-than-average kick to go along with it. Speaking of the kick, for me, it lasted about 4 hours, mostly focus and hardly any jitteriness. This makes me wonder what kind of ingredients there are in one of these. Woah, there's 5.2g of energy blend in only 11.2 ounces of the whole thing. In other words. there's 5,200mg, which is 200mg more than a 16 ounce Monster! All in all, I could say it's another drink that I wouldn't buy unless I wanted the kick, not the okay taste.

Taste: 6.6 - There wasn't enough sweetness to a strong blue raspberry/acai flavored energy drink
Kick: 8.3 - A nice kick with much focused was delivered with 5,200mg of energy blend
Overall: 7.4 - Hm, an okay energy drink, in terms of taste, but I enjoyed the focus

Reviewed by: Chan

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