Thursday, September 4, 2008

Vital Lifestyle Water Energize Dragonfruit

It seems like I have more water-based energy drinks than I had originally thought of. So, for the next few days I really wanted to review them and get them done and over with so I can stick with the main energy drinks, and trust me, I have some quality drinks coming in to be reviewed. Anyway, you never know which company will create their own version of an energy drink. Look, we have Snapple, Dasani, Aquafina, you know, just companies you really wouldn't expect. Now, I have one from a company named Vital, and I'm not sure I'm familiar with them, so please, if you are feel free to leave a comment and clue me in. In a 20 ounce bottle there's standard energy ingredients key for making the cut on being an energy drink. I see taurine, caffeine, inositol, Vitamin B, niacin, and all those great energizing ingredients. To me, this bottle looks a bit like it were from an older era, like the 80's because it has just has that old fashioned font and feel to it. It's main colors are white and a red-orange used on the wrapper and on the cap, which leaves me wondering why the color of the drink isn't red-orange, like the color dragonfruit is. I'm let down on the fact that they claim only a "Hint of dragon fruit." Well, perhaps it's not just a hint...

I twist off the cap and go in for a whiff to locate an aroma that's light, not up front, and somewhat irregular smelling. I mentioned earlier the color was crystal clear, a bit odd but I'll go with it. Oh wow, once I take my first few sips I start to find a thick watery flavor of almost nothing, and a light dragon fruit flavor shortly following down the throat. I find this dragonfruit flavor to be somewhat different than normal due to its unusually bitter, vitaminy, and surprisingly artificial. I love dragon fruit, I mean, who doesn't? It's got an addicting flavor to it, but when it's messed up, it's ruined and just disappointing. I can tell you, however, you may not taste the dragonfruit that well only because your taste buds aren't tuned as finely as mine and Jeff's, but if you were to taste, just know it's not great. I feel like I'm getting a great dose of needed vitamins drinking this, so I'd think that it's a plus for drinking one of these. Hm, it's surprisingly gummy for a drink not sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, although it is sweetened with fruit sugar, which is good. Overall, I know these water-based energy drinks aren't the greatest when it comes down to flavor, but I mean, you definitely feel energized and vitalized, if you get what I'm saying here.

On ingredients, Vital Lifestyle Water is pretty darn simple. It is a great alternative ingredient supplier having water, fruit sugar, natural flavor, malic acid, calcium pantothenate, inositol, caffeine, niacin, and taurine. Well, the fruit sugar made it taste even better as opposed to being sweetened with just sucrose. If you understand, fruit sugar tends to have a bit more flavor to it and a bit more bite, while sucrose is your every day, average table sugar. It's uncommon to see taurine in energy waters, though it's not proven to have an effect, I think it helps deliver the pounding kick. Per 20 ounce bottle, you get only a minute 40 (About) calories, and around only 13g of sugar. It's not that sweet at all, which I can easily guess at because it took a lot, even for me, to find a flavor buried in all that diluted watery mess. As for energy ingredients, there's quite a nice blend of 65mg of caffeine, 13mg of taurine, 18mg of niacin, and about 65mg of inositol. There's also a whole lot of other vitamins listed individually but I won't list them. After everything, I felt a nice boost that lasted under about an hour and I felt better after getting my daily amount of vitamins in one drink.

Taste: 4.5 - There really wasn't too much flavor in this, but you know, I'll let it go because I believe they weren't focusing too much on the flavor
Kick: 6.7 - Nice boost for an energy water it kept me moving around for a little while longer
Overall: 5.5 - Just an average drink, I'll stick with the Antioxidant Water line of drinks if I wanted something most similar

Reviewed by: Chan

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