Monday, March 24, 2008

Monster Java Irish Blend

I purchased this Java Monster today with much hope for a great taste. I admire the color of the can for its minty green color with elaborate artwork along the sides. The 'M' logo is a wooden brown color, which is very fitting with the rest of the can.

I popped open the can and almost instantly I could smell a strong aroma of iced coffee and a little bit of alcohol. Of course, Monster did not put alcohol in it, but added a little alcoholic flavor. As I pour it into the glass cup, out came a light brownish color liquid. At first, it tasted like normal coffee; however, it was not strong at all...then came the aftertaste. I guess you can you can call the aftertaste similar to when you drink alcohol. All the sudden...POW! This drink is mysterious to me; I love how its flavor comes out, and as I type this I am getting a huge kick. I recommend you do not take large sips if you're not looking forward to a stomach ache and a headache.

Now the ingredients list: I first noticed the #1 ingredient was filtered water. I'm not too surprised since it's not carbonated. After is reduced fat milk, common in many iced coffees. One of the ingredients that is not present is HFCS, which I am happy is not. Instead you get glucose and sucrose, two natural sweeteners. As usual, the taurine count is 2000 mg per can as well as energy blend. Well, all I know is I am fully attentive and energized from this drink. This is by far the best energy drink i have had in a long time.

Taste: 9.5
Kick: 10
Overall: 9.7

Reviewed by: Chan


Matt said...

sucrose isnt artificial, sucralose is the artificial sweetener. sucrose is table sugar and glucose is simple sugar. so this drink is all natural and the best java monster to date

Canned Reviewer said...

Oh, my, how did I let that slide? Thanks for pointing that out!


Jeffery "Jeff," Chandler "Chan"