Thursday, July 24, 2008

Go Girl

As energy drink companies rise with power and money, something has to be done for girls to enjoy an energy drink. Go Girl comes to the rescue creating an energy drink specially targeted for women, having less than 5 calories and virtually no sugar. I've heard of this drink before and now I'm seeing it everywhere, so I finally grab one at a local Von's supermarket and give it a shot. Go Girl is canned in 12 ounces, but a seemingly tall and thin 12 ounces, unlike Red Bull and Amp's 12 ounce cans. Go Girl's bright and hot pink colors shimmer, standing out in the crowd of Monsters, Rockstars, and Full Throttles, attracting women audiences to purchase one. The retro font used to model the lettering is reminding me of a 50's canned beverage, you know all bulgy and older looking. The fact that it's printed slanting upward makes leads me to believe more that this drink looks like it's made from 50 or so years ago. It uses another shade of pink to color in the lettering of 'Girl' and 'Sugar Free Energy Drink', but it uses just plain white for 'Go'. I snickered when I read the term 'Beautiful Energy' at the top of the can, because that sounded pretty odd, I thought. Well, let's crack this female energy drink open and review its taste.

The can opens up and pink foam goes all over the can revealing a strawberry aroma that actually smells pretty good, no artificialness. There's also a sweet overlay of some cherry as well reminding me of the NOS and the Archer Farms Tropical Fruit. It gleams out of the cup a fluorescent a cherry red color, much darker than the can color, which I would have expected it to be pink. The flavor is not bad at all, a whole lot more than I expected from Go Girl. It enters the mouth a warm, refreshing cherry flavor and sets in with an artificial strawberry flavor. As you take more sips, you'll start to notice more of an artificial flavor in general and a sweeter aftertaste, sort of like those Fruit Loops Cereal. However, that aftertaste during the first few sips is nearly horrendous tasting like pure Splenda mixed with HFCS and artificial berry. As I'm nearing the halfway point in this drink, the flavor becomes more recognizable as a lighter and sugar free version of the Amp Overdrive. The cherry sticks out more and the strawberry starts to diminish, forming a smooth cherry flavor, with little artificialness. The can notes light carbonation, and trust me, this is pretty light, like if you leave a soda out for about an hour. It's not gummy at all, but has some pretty mean aftertaste making up for the gumminess. Overall, it really isn't bad for a sugar free energy drink; not bad at all.

The ingredients list show carbonated water, citric acid, taurine, malic acid, natural and artificial flavors, sodium hexametaphosphate, Garcinia Cambogia, caffeine, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, sucralose, sodium citrate, gum arabic, glucuronolactone, inositol, magnesium oxide, and vitamin B12. First off, it's been awhile since I've seen sodium hexametaphosphate in an energy drink, and frankly I haven't noticed the difference in taste, alto ugh it's found in cosmetics. An unknown ingredient was listed: garcinia Cambogia, it's basically a mild herbal appetite suppressant. Sure, if you're a women and drink this, you can't eat for a few days. Is that the point they're trying to get across? Who knows, but I'm starting to get a bit worried. It's sweetened with only sucralose, which is pretty noticeable in this energy drink. I thought that if it would have had acesulfame potassium, it would even out the artificialness of the Splenda. Per can, you only get less than 5 calories and no sugar. the taurine count 1200mg per 12 ounces, and the Garnicia Cambogia count is 300mg. Inositol and caffeine are both 150mg, which would even out to 200 if it were a 16 ounce can. After this drink, my stomach is a bit upset and I have an artificial Splenda taste in my mouth, but hey, it's not bad for a sugar free energy drink; any girl will be ready to go after this one.

**Woah! the Garnicia Cambogia really worked! My appetite was taken away for at least 2 days; incredible!

Taste: 7.4 - It's artificial, but the cherry kicker was what topped this one off as a good drink
Kick: 7.5 - No guarana? Oh well there's 150mg of caffeine sure to get me jittery
Overall: 7.4 - I'll leave it to girls to buy this one, I'm not interested in getting more

Reviewed by: Chan

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