Friday, May 30, 2008

Hype MFP

We got the Hype! After a long time of admiring the Hype energy drink, Jeff and I finally got all three flavors of Hype. I heard that Hype is an incredible drink worthy of any Best Taste List because of its refreshing vanilla taste.I don't want to spend much time on this paragraph, so I'll make this really quick. Hype has a black background with somewhat trippy gray zigzags. Over that, Hype is printed in large metallic letters as well as the phrase "MFP." I'm predicting a bold vanilla flavor, with a bit of original Monster mix, and possibly some fruit mixed in.This came out after the original Hype, which means it's a sequel, so I'm expecting a more powerful flavor, with a bigger kick and a bolder flavor. I think that this one will be a major winner in my book, so I'm done here; let's get this one reviewed!

I couldn't help but put a smile on my face at the time of breaking this one open. After I did, I went in for a smell to get a vanilla and Monster aroma. Out of the can, Hype MFP is a surprisingly darker amber color than your average Monster. Oh man! What a flavor! Right when it hits your tongue, you get a strong caramel and sweet Red Bull taste. It then fades away with a light vanilla flavor, nothing really else, but just straight vanilla. It's aftertaste seems to be that of a Monster, artificial raspberry and apple, although it isn't too bad. I had heard this saying once about Hype and now I too believe it: "If you ever get Hype, get two cans!" Now to the bad parts of this drink. First off, the amount of carbonation really held me back from taking large sips and chugging. In fact, I think that this one was a bit too carbonated for my liking. As well as that, Hype MFP donated way too much gumminess for a taste this incredible. It really is too bad Hype put a few noticeable bugs in this drink, or it would be almost perfect. This is just one amazing tasting drink, but the amount of carbonation and gumminess really threw me off, which prevents me from placing this drink on the Best Taste List.

Now for the ingredients. When I got this drink earlier, I went over to the back of the can to take a peek. As far as energy drink ingredients, this one is pretty basic. It's got carbonated water, 'sugars' (Sucrose?Glucose?HFCS?), sodium citrate, citric acid, taurine, caffeine, ginseng, colours (caramel, riboflavin), and guarana. Pretty decent blend, except the fact that I'm curious to know what type of sugar they use, I mean, it could be anything. Per can, you only get 100 calories, which is the same amount as a regular Monster. A good difference between this drink and a Monster, or say Rockstar is that this Hype has only 25g of sugar per can (Remember: one can=8 ounces!). I trust Hype is a good company, but this one didn't impress me as I thought it would. It has a taste anyone would love, but the carbonation tackles you and the gumminess starts the dog-pile. I tried the Hype Enlite that Jeff reviewed and it, too, wasn't the best, so I hope the original Hype will please me. Until then, check daily for new reviews!

Taste: 8.5 - Not a bad one, like I said, too much carbonation and gumminess
Kick: 9 - Hype promised some insane kick
Overall: - 8.7 - I can't say it made the Best Taste List

Reviewed by: Chan

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