Friday, April 4, 2008

Rip It Power

This here is another dollar store energy drink, the Rip It Power. It's the red Rip It, and I believe it is to be berry flavor, but I have to test it to be sure. It's got 32g of sugar, meaning it's going to be really sweet, but perhaps that sugar will lend itself to a major boost. That's what I'm hoping as I go for the Rip It Power.

The smell was an interesting one. It's not very fruity, but it's more of a kind of designer flavor. It smells a little metallic, and the flavor is a little vitaminy. It's like dissolving a multivitamin tablet into some sugary water. It's a little chalky, as a matter of fact, and that's something that makes me think twice about taking another sip. Perhaps it's a better drink to chug rather than savor, with its simple sweetness and one-dimensional taste. The carbonation is moderate and doesn't hold you back as much as other drinks. The gumminess, doesn't appear very early in the drink, and that's something, considering the high amount of sugar. Or, wait, HFCS. And that makes sense, because HFCS is cheaper than sugar, making this one as affordable as it is. Overall, the taste is chalky and a little nasty, but just addicting enough to finish. Like steak.

Ingredient summary: carbonated water, HFCS, citric acid, natural flavor. Taurine, surprisingly, or maybe not, is not listed in the ingredients. However, listed in the Nutriton Facts, there are 2000mg of Taurine per can, as in most energy drinks and a slightly small dose of 180mg of Caffeine per can. Along with those two supplements are Inositol and Guarana in small amounts. I think overall, the ingredients are pretty standard and nothing special.

* I think this one was just old; look for a re-review in the future. A fresh drink won't taste chalky.

Taste: 4 - Chalky and just sweet
Kick: 4 - I'm not so sure I feel anything...
Overall: 2 - I'd call it a fail, don't drink it

Reviewed by: Jeff

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