Tuesday, July 29, 2008

BooKoo Citrus

I took a glance at the many energy drinks in my fridge and decided which would fit the 150th review. I thought I'd go with the BooKoo Citrus, an instant classic. BooKoo came to my mind because I like their energy drinks, and citrus is an amazing flavor for an energy drink. I got this drink at a Big! Lots along with the other few BooKoos about a month ago, but I just never bothered to pick it up and review it. In fact, this is the first time I've seen it since I bought it. Well, this time, no excuses, I'm reviewing it now, and I probably will like it. I'm fond of BooKoos can designs being the same throughout all their products, besides the BooKoo Burners. This can has the word 'BooKoo' in a fiery orange color, outlined in a blood red hue. The flames behind the logo are the same blood red colors, but helps compliment the dark and deep orange color inside 'BooKoo'. 'Citrus' is printed in small lettering, filled with just a plain white color and outlined in yet again a blood red color. Below 'BooKoo' is 'Energy' printed wide vertically across the can in the same filling and outline, pretty cool for a can design. Okay, let's get this party for the 150th review started and crack open this fire-born energy drink!

After a few minutes of struggling to open the can, I pry it open with my teeth. It opens and I go in to smell a scent similar to the Squirt, almost exactly, I thought. It pours gently out of the can and I notice a color particularly odd, nearly clear with a tad bit of yellow and orange, not much though. BooKoo does a very nice job of creating a citrus flavor entirely different than your average Rip It Citrus X flavor. The flavor is more like the CRUNK!!! Citrus due to the noticeable amount of lemon-lime, rather than pure orange, but much less intense than the CRUNK!!! Citrus. BooKoo tends to make flavors that seem to dance on your tongue, involving a crazy good taste just before you swallow it. It's also not too sweet, having only 27g of sugar per serving, which is really what most Citrus energy drinks screw up on. The overall flavor is an in-your-face lemon-lime, and a background of minor orange and berry. The aftertaste is a bit boring being just a mild flavor of artificial orange and lemon-lime, not bad, but not exciting either. I'm surprised that this BooKoo really isn't that gummy, compared to all the other BooKoos that are, I mean they all have the same sweetener, but this one just isn't as gummy. Whatever, I can live with that. One of the only differences between this and the Squirt is that obviously the Squirt is more carbonated, resulting in a disappointing taste. Overall, the BooKoo Citrus beat the Squirt in flavor, but was no match for the CRUNK!!! Citrus, in terms of a real lemony and orangy flavor.

The ingredients contained in this energy drink are carbonated water, sucrose, HFCS, citric acid, sodium citrate, potassium benzoate, caramel color, natural flavor, caffeine, glucuronolactone, and inositol. Wow, that's cool, a really basic energy drink ingredients list. Not many energy drinks I've encountered contain sucrose and HFCS, but this one turned out okay, not too sweet at all. The caramel color didn't help much give any color, mostly just clear, no caramel or amber color to it at all. Per can, you get an average 220 calories, and a nice 54g of sugar. Wow, BooKoo Citrus has the same amount of sugar as a Monster? Sweet. I don't recall the other BooKoo having that low of an amount of sugar and calories, but this one outplays them in terms of nutrition. The amount of energy in the ingredients like caffeine is undisclosed, but the taurine count is 2,000mg per can. The kick is mega good for this BooKoo, way better than the Wild Berry and the Zero Carb, for that I'm impressed. But listen to this: Well, for the 150th review, I gave you the BooKoo Citrus, not the best choice, but I was interested to try it.

Taste: 7.6 - Towards the end of the can, it got a bit boring and somewhat tasteless
Kick: 8.6 - I really did enjoy the nice buzz after the drink was finished
Overall: 7.8 - Whatever, I'd stick with the Crunk Citrus and the Rip It Citrus X

Reviewed by: Chan

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