Friday, May 30, 2008

Max Life Green Tea

Although on vacation, I still head over to a casino in Las Vegas to check out their inventory. While browsing, I found an Italian fast-food restaurant called Psarro's, where I surprisingly find an energy drink company called Max Life. I haven't reviewed a tea-like energy drink in so long, so you can bet this one will be pretty interesting. Also, this has acai berry, green tea, and is non-carbonated, I think it'll pretty refreshing, in my terms. Max Life Green Tea has a light green background with some green tea leaves. In front of it is the word Max in large letters and the word life in small font. I see at the bottom Max Life Green Tea contains ginseng, and like I mentioned earlier, acai. Oh, and by the way, I see that this drink isn't 16 ounces, but only 15.5 fl oz, not much less, but you know, thought I'd point that out. On the sides of the can, I see phrases about tea such as, "Acai promotes greater energy and stamina" and, " Tea increases your metabolism." You know, weird, odd phrases like that... Okay, let's get reviewing!

Ha, I didn't forget to shake it this time, but I opened it up to get a smooth green tea aroma, like the Arizona Green Tea. It comes out of the can a frothy amber color like Monster, but a bit darker and more organic, like the Hype. It's taste caught me a bit off guard. I had predicted a sweet mainstream green tea flavor; instead, I got a genuine green tea, as if it were pulled from the plant and put into the drink. I also noticed little sweetness, but there is some. It comes from the honey and pear juices from concentrate, though. This drink doesn't really appeal to me, it's sorta like drinking water because it has no apparent flavor, besides some pear and green tea. It's like the unsweetened iced tea from restaurants and fast-food places, no real flavor to it, just like drinking water. Obviously, this drink isn't carbonated, but it is 10% juice, so that'll make up for it's carbonation disappearance. As well as that, I noticed no gumminess at all that pleases you in the middle of drinking. I just think this drink should be downed only because the flavor is really nothing, but it's pretty organic that'll give you some nice stuff inside your body.

Max Life energy has ingredients that differ from many other energy drink ingredients. Instead of using carbonated water, this drink uses brewed green tea using filtered water, which is basically green tea. It also uses an alternative sugar called organic evaporated cane juice, which gives it its distinct organic sweetness. I see acai and pear juices from concentrate. Unlike many drinks out there, I did notice some acai and pear in that mix. Max Life uses honey as another sweetener, as I glance over at it, listed on the ingredients list. After those ingredients, I see basic energy drink ingredients like natural flavors, citric acid, ascorbic acid, guarana, panax ginseng, and vitamin B12. Per can, you get only a low 120 calories that could be counted as half a regular energy drink calorie count. It's also low on sugar, bearing only 30g. That could explain its extremely low sweetness. By the way, it's 10% juice, but it really is not noticeable while consumine. Overall, I felt a bit let down by Max Life, I really thought I'd get a nice flavor, instead of a plain flavor.

Taste: 6.8 - It had just a bit more flavor than unsweetned iced tea
Kick: 7 - I really didn't get much, I crashed 1 hour later
Overall: 6.9 - It had barely any energy drink qualities

Reviewed by: Chan

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