Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Amp Overdrive Turbo Boost (Yerba Mate)

Chan's done all of the Amp drinks so far, and I wanted to have the chance to review one. This one I was lucky to find. It's the Overdrive, but it now fits in with the rest of the Amps, because of the can design and the tagline that reads "Turbo Boost." I was thinking that this was a new Amp flavor, but I just realized that it has become the regular Amp Overdrive. Anyway, it might be worth testing, because the formula may have changed. So I'm going to do a short revisit anyway.

Now, the color of this one is similar to the previous Overdrive, being a dark and vivid red, like a maraschino cherry. It also tastes a lot more like a maraschino cherry; there's much more cherry in this than the old Overdrive. And I swear I taste just a bit of Yerba Mate, a tea that has many beneficial properties. After the cherry flavor erupts in your mouth, the regular Amp flavor comes in, being that characteristic lemon-lime. And I can also taste some of that nasty brominated vegetable oil. It's not unbearable, but it's there. I guess Amp just made some minor adjustments to the flavor and the color.

Some interesting changes to the ingredients list: There's less sugar; 29 grams instead of the 30-something that used to be in the Amp. It's good that they reduced the amount, but I'd say it's not enough. It still tastes very sweet. Also, There are 8mg of Yerba Mate added in. That's not much at all, but it's something. Other than that, the new Amp Overdrive appears nearly identical to the older one.

Taste: 7.2 - Better than the old one, but still a bit too sweet and overpowering
Overall: 7 - Still not the best Amp

Reviewed by: Jeff

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