Friday, April 11, 2008

Amp Overdrive

After a long day, it's always good to unwind with a cold Amp. This time, I am reviewing the Amp Overdrive. If you recall, former member, Chris has reviewed this. We feel, for quality means, we should re-review this drink. Anyway, Amp has released a new can design, a blood red color with knife-like black lines going up and down the can. However, Amp has released this can with a more glossy touch to it. Like all Amps, you see the disfigured 'A' and the word 'Amp' in lowercase letters. To me, it seems "overdrive" is a powerful word to put in a drink, so Amp better have made this a quality drink.

As I open the can, I immediately, smell an intense aroma of cherry. You can tell the scent is artificial, but it has so much taste. As it comes rushing out of the can, I see a smooth red color, similar to Gatorade Fruit Punch. So far so good. As soon as I taste it, I get a pleasant cherry flavor, with a hint of lemon. The aftertaste is sour, pinching the sides of your mouth, but you don't get any cherry whatsoever. Imagine, having a mix of cherry and lemom juice, with a bit of carbonation. However, the flavor does disappear after a few seconds in your mouth, almost like what a sugar free drink will do. Surprisingly, this drink doesn't contain much carbonation, so it easy to chug or take big sips. You should not though because this drink has a unique cherry flavor, which you won't find in many other energy drinks. The gumminess is a large factor for most energy drinks, like Amp. If you've ever tried an Amp, you know that they are real gummy, and it builds p in the way back of your mouth. This drink, is no exception. After a little while, I notice the flavor gets weaker as it hits your mouth. Overall, this wasn't the best energy drink out there, but it's alright, not too bad, but not too good.

Okay, last paragraph...ingredients. First I see carbonated water, like usual. Then, I see, *sigh* HFCS. Well, you know how Amps are, they contain a lot of gumminess. Next, you see, hmm, natural flavor. This drink doesn't taste natural at all, I guess Amp is bad at making a natural taste. Next, I see sodium hexametaphosphate, which is found in cosmetics such as lipstick, makeup, and eyeliner. You may recall seeing this ingredient in NOS, so you can conclude that this is a rare ingredient. However, it's not a good ingredient either. Per can, you get 220 calories, which is just about average for an energy drink. You also get about 58g of sugar, pretty predictable for an Amp. Like usual, 2000mg is the amount of taurine you get in the Overdrive. This drink was just pretty lame for Amp to make a drink like this. I mean compared to the regular, this drink was almost nothing. I can obviously say that you don't need to purchase this one, as long as you have the original Amp out there, you're alright.

Taste: 7 - It was just alright to me
Kick: 9 - Amps always do pack a punch
Overall: 8 - It's only a good drink, served chilled, after a long day, other than that, it just wasn't as good as the regular Amp

Reviewed by: Chan

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