Monday, July 7, 2008

Red Jak

Finally! I found the Red Jak! While I was out of my usual town, I found a Big! Lots anddecided to head there and check it out. It paid off because I stocked up on a few I needed, like the BooKoo Jugo, the Hooah! Punch, the Lost 5-0, Freek Maniac Sugar Free, Stinger Enraged Raspberry Sugar Free, and the famous, Red Jak. Red Jak is another drink that I've been dying to try since I've heard about it about a few months ago. I found the last one, way back behind the shelf, and felt like I just won the World Series. I was originally planning to review the Jolt Blue Raspberry, you know the 24 ounce behemoth, but I just couldn't resist this incredible drink. The only thing odd was the old can design on it, I'm then thinking "Oh, no it's going to be expired", I really hope it's not, we'll find out. The can design is still pretty cool, having a red hand, splotched with more red and a black background. Inside the hand, you could make out the words Red Jak, in the same color with a nice golden rim on the top, bottom, and on the words on the back of the can. The dull golden color compliments the black background to form a eye-catching piece of artwork. All right, I'm so eager to break this can open, and observe what it has to offer for me.

Red Jak gives a nice Monster aroma, with some sort of zing that separates it from being a Monster Clone. I gazed at it's amazing deep brown color, unlike what I expected, a Monster amber color. So far, Red Jak has little things that separate it from a basic energy drink, like the big name companies such as Red Bull and Monster. The taste is far from a Monster, having an incredible vanilla flavor, with some mixed in sweet caramel and fading away with a robust green and red apple combination. I relate this taste to some sweet treat I haven't had in awhile, a caramel apple. If you've ever enjoyed a caramel apple, you would definitely love this insane energy drink, and you kind of know what it tastes like as well. The aftertaste is an irritably strong caramel taste, present from the original Red Jak taste entering the mouth, and just a bit of sour apple pinching the sides of your cheek. It's carbonation is smooth and really compliments the Red Jak taste as it glides down your throat. Maybe it's because I'm downing this drink, but it's a bit gummy, although it hasn't stopped me from drinking it slower, or sipping it. Overall, Red Jak was an amazing drink, the flavor will continue to wow you until the last drop in your can. If you happen to find the neat-looking can, you must get it, no excuses. I guess you can call me, too, a Jakaholic.

As for ingredients, Red Jak has some pretty cool things, including carbonated water, sugar, dextrose, citric acid, sodium citrate, natural and artificial flavors, caffeine, caramel color, and potassium sorbate. You can tell it's an original formula by the sweeteners used: sugar (sucrose), and dextrose, giving it that crisp taste, allowing it to be on the Best Taste List. The caramel color gave it that nice dark brown tinit, with just a bit of perfect Monster Amber color, pretty mellow. Per can, you get 240 calories and 58g of sugar, slightly higher than a Monster (200 calories, 54g of sugar), it's worth it. The taurine count is 947mg, which is 1,1894mg in the whole can and the caffeine cout isn't disclosed, as well as the presence of guarana. I'm surprised there's no guarana in this energy drink, an energy essential. I'd say this has to be my favorite none coffee, and none Monster-like drink I have ever had on Canned Reviews, I wasn't mistaken when I new it was going to be good. I've been waiting for one of these insane drink to come my way, and obviously it's paid off, don't be mistaken for a Monster Clone if you see one of these crazy golden, black can designs. All in all I enjoyed every sip of Red Jak, a mix between Hype, Monster, and Joker, in one amazing 16 ounce can.

Taste: 9.6 - An amazing blend of gourment caramel, vanilla, and apple
Kick: 8.9 - I went out for some outdoor activities and felt a great kick
Overall: 9.4 - I can easily say that this one went on the Best Taste List

Reviewed by: Chan

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