Monday, September 1, 2008


You may think I'm reviewing this now because I've ran out of drinks to review, but that is not the case. It's little known how awesome a drink your daily juice is. I could not let another day go by without reviewing the perfect drink: juice. Here I go:

Oh, man. What flavor. When you take a big gulp of this fruity elixir, you get a massive flavor explosion. It's like a symphony in my mouth and it is definitely mega-win. You've got to try this.

On kick, this stuff annihilates all the competition. There are absolutely no energy ingredients in here, but awesome and win. That may seem like not much, but in fact, it's a powerful combination. I had so much energy, you could say I was nearly uncomfortably energetic. Like I mentioned, this is the ultimate breakfast, lunch, and dinner drink.

Taste: 10 - Dude, you gotta try it
Kick: 100 - The awesome unbelievable kick of juice
Overall: 10 - The most kick-ass drink EVAH

Reviewed by: Jeff

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